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October 31st, 2013

Face, I sighed, authentic apology: “I few days ago a minor illness, inevitably some missing his wife and children, so many have offended Highness, please Highness indulgences.”
Xian Zhe Jiang said the hearts knows nothing but an excuse, but he was able to hear his discourse the meaning of guilt and repaired, and then heard the river Zheti and his wife and children, his mind immediately emerge out of caution children Jiaohan the appearance of a soft heart, anger gradually dissipated, think again although already pulp for the marriage, but marriage is a smooth future, need Jiangzhe Cheng Quan, Li Xian face faint smile, and gave up and Zhe Jiang little holiday, said: “The king also know that in fact is victory, just think so useless, not only for LIN Bi break out, but also put tens of thousands of remnants to Qinyuan, inevitably some fly in the ointment, say Jing generals assassinated injuries, but also make the king angry unbearable. ”
I see Linning already have eased, also smiled and said: “Your Highness, now leader of the enemy has been in the hands, if captured longting fly, offer prisoners tie, this is a rare honor.” remark I Originally I thought I could get the endorsement of Xian, after all, Sheng Fu enemy coach but enough to make such a credit Xian proud of, you can also look at what he has to make up for the loss of face. To my surprise, not only did not go along with Li Xian, but frowned: “It is difficult ah, the king and the dragon fly warring Court for many years, knew his man, who is haughty, and the North Han God, if defeated, he was rather a dead and will not captured humiliated, do not say others, is the king, if there is the possibility of falling into enemy hands, and only one way to go. ”
my heart startled, with new eyes to see Xian, after repeated setbacks and blows, the former King of Qi Highness domineering, arrogant in the past does not change the nature of the premise, but also has deep thoughts such as deep sea . Turning on the battlefield, to see that encircled dragon fly and its Chikae court, every face is very quiet, as if the hands of the killings completely unable affect their state of mind, it is a true warrior face mortal realm look, I sighed softly, in vain I consider ability to capture people’s hearts, for this battle warrior or some deviation, dragon fly Court is unlikely to be captured. It has been said to me remember the day when the hunting palace of the change, Wen Zi Yan emperor was forced to an impasse, had intended to die, and now want to come, Li Zhi, Li Xian and the dragon fly though Chambers status varies greatly, but one thing is similar is that they are real generals, for them, it can be killed, can be defeated, but it is never captured humiliated. Suddenly, I’m bloody battlefield Duoliaoyifen respect and attention, let me not be strong centripetal weakness of the people, witnessed the final masterpiece star style bar.
At this time, Li Xian sighed and said: “Although there is no possibility, but the king could not just give up, if longting fly to surrender, on the North Han hit the heart can not be estimated.” Yanba, Xian heralds the armistice, and now the battlefield The situation has been completely under the control of the military in Yong So Yong army to stop attacks, but remnants around the North Han among the already moribund North Han did not continue to attack, but to stop and hope to recover somewhat air force, reforming it almost crashed circular array. Battlefield suddenly became quiet, except for heavy breathing and horses whine, the silence between heaven and earth.
Xian rode forward, broke and said: “Long generals, now you have desperate, in addition to hundreds of Guards, the no longer a soldier can be mobilized, the Wang Jing you are loyal, but also admire your army slightly Warriors, if you are willing surrendered, the king assured necessarily be the guest of honor, that is under the command of officers and men for you, do not have the slightest light shame. generals of being bait, bloody one night, Treasure of the Sierra faithful of Kam Heaven is that now you give up resistance, North Hon Kwok master when it will not blame, why should fight to the death, do not cherish these generals loyal soldier for you what  ”
surrounded by Guards fly in the midst of the Dragon Court heard, slowly looked around, I saw hundreds of people Chikae however, are already became exhausted, shirt broken red blood penetrate the shirt, people of Where is unclear blood, where is the jersey color. Archer had broken, blunt blades has also been cut, each Chikae brow is deeply tired of the color, the eyes in addition to despair is indifferent, everyone here knew death any time soon. Long Ting Fei smiled and said: “dwellers out of the way, so that His Royal Highness the King of Qi Longmou and say a few words.”
Guards who look not move quickly to separate a road from a circular array notch, dragon fly and Linning Court saw each other face to face again, though at a distance, but it was enough to see each other’s face, those Guards without the slightest hesitation, anyway, is already a mortal Bureau, is the King of Qi took the opportunity to attack what is the relationship, and although they hated the enemy coach, but also know that person is when the world hero, would never have gone back to make things The real heroes of the bloody battle to only through mutual understanding.
Long Ting Fei Xian eyes fell behind, that a Tsing Yi, gaunt, but it is a leisurely Italian state scholar who, this time, the defeat of their own, was defeated by Li Zhi and Li Xian joint top, if not that he did not expect Li Zhi to be dispatched in such a dangerous time to assist Xian army against its own, how can he have this fiasco, while allowing Li Zhi and Lixian Shun Lee co-go-between in which the people, only the Qingyi Ren – Chu Township Hou Jiangzhe. But his eyes flashed, he finally landed in Xian body, no matter how careful plan, without this person worked hard, they would not fall off the tight encirclement.
off his helmet, readily lost sacked, Long Ting Fei said: “His Royal Highness the King of Qi, you are also an Army coach, how can he not know coach captured, but humiliation, Longmou Fucai, also a general, I’m Long generations by main country house kindness, pay and heavy right to his wife princess, monarch care outside the righteousness of flesh within the knot of grace, without hesitation know what Jiufu the truth. ”
Xian said: “The king also know that General Long morally, never willing to know what, but the generals may be willing to die, do you also have soldiers under the command of damn it, so be it, the king can fully Jun loyalty, Long generals why not ordered, soldiers under the command of the king ordered to surrender, the king can guarantee their lives unharmed, the future emperor amnesty, the king will make sure these soldiers demobilize, rather than allowing them to die with the generals, if the generals do not let them, so that they can get married children, An Shoutian Park, generals do not want to leave some for the North Han warrior hero it  ”
longting fly faint smile, calm authentic: “His Royal Highness the King of Qi right is also good, since it has been embattled Longmou, and I do not have to drag their companion, gentlemen, you have to the king, in order Longmou, pay enough and more, today Longmou trap you to death, you still desperate battle, reasonable in the circumstances, you all have done your duty, loyalty and conscience, Longmou ordered now, you can surrendered, which is Longmou command in the future if the opportunity re-see the main country, you can announce his the king, and said Longmou said, you are not afraid to die a coward, but I BeiHan dyke site warriors. ”
these Chikae fly Dragon Court heard these words, are the tears in his eyes, silent, they naturally know the scene in front of the coach already declared will not surrender, let them abandon armed, dragon fly Zhefan mind Chambers They can naturally understand, but abandoned the main drag on, how can make them feel at ease. A youth in his early twenties Chikae suddenly break out into tears, he face was all blood, tears of blood mixed find any more, he cries like a signal, a Chikae sadly bow, hand blades fall dust, and then, one after another began to weep Guards, they began to sell Weaponry, apparently has received subsequent fate.
Xian Yong Jun did not herald let go acceptance captive just quietly watching all this. Flying Dragon Court
be smiling, said: “His Royal Highness the King of Qi, you and I fighting for many years, can be considered grok friend, there is one thing entrusted to you, do not know if you can be willing to promise.”
Xian seriously authentic: “The king and the generals, sympathetic, not for a day, as long as Linning able to do, certainly as much as possible.”
longting fly’s eyes became soft Flirting, he thought a moment worded before opening: “Longmou young widower, had no heirs, funeral naturally without fear, as the children of the tribe elders are BeiHan Loyalists Longmou death, blessing and without worry, since they will perish with the North Han Only issue, Longmou put it down, is Jia Pinggong main LIN Bi, Longmou fiancee child. ”
stunned Xian, LIN Bi but North Han princess, dragon fly even though court is not assured, nor should talk about the matter and their own ah. He looked oddly authentic: “General Do not worry, Jia Pinggong Lord had breakout success, and now should have been returned to the Qinyuan.”
longting fly faint smile, said: “Non-is Longmou hypocritical, North Han Yong if it can not be big annexation, the matter is useless to mention, if unfortunate, incorporating large Yong territory, although the royal family but Pitt princess, but she also on behalf of the state military commander, on behalf of the state army to defend the territory for over a century, the Royal Hu Man in Yanmen, power in the boat unless you want to make big Yong Tu behalf of the state of the people, after all, is to appease or on behalf of the state, if the kill Bi princess, I’m afraid no peace on behalf of the state, so please Highness camera into words, preservation Lin, Longmou can assure you that once the submission on behalf of the state Lim, there would be disloyalty different ambitions. ”
Xian hesitated, and finally said: “this stake, the king can not guarantee, but certainly try a try, I Huangxiong brilliant, certainly not easily harm Tadao disabilities.”
dragon fly eyes flashed a ray of relief Chamber of spirit, and said: “there is something else, if large Yong-dominated world, Bi princess was uneventful, Longmou hope to give my best to take care of His Highness to her.”
Xian Yi Chan himself, if not in time to seize the reins and almost rolled his horse, as if the secret of the heart was exposed, he was blushing, said: “Long generals, What’re you talking about ”
Long Ting Fei Xian seems to be seen through the mind, dignified authentic: “Non Longmou is nonsense, and I Bi princess though higher status has been set, but not the wedding, I though they were destined not, but after people people will be her as a Dragon Lady, I’m afraid even though Pitt intentionally choose another darling princess, but also no one dare Qiuhuang intended. Pitt princess but Girls Hero, I could not bear her to undertake this fame solitary lives, princes are is when the world hero, Longmou is extremely polite, Bristol Sea Princess mention encounter things, Longmou believe there are two friends Xiangxi meaning, if possible, Longmou want to be able to take care of her Royal Highness. ”
Xian is flushed, long before: “Bi princess endowed with both, but also when the world champion, Girls Hero, Xian is romantic dandy, infamous, how can he deserves Pitt princess, not to mention ……” says Here, Xian suddenly stopped discourse, because he suddenly realized the hidden secrets of the heart, the East China Sea for a while, he even has LIN Bi love, just because a married Luo Fu, as well as the identity of hostility, never before dare to think, and now suddenly had an honest chance to pursue their own LIN Bi, his mind naturally reluctant to gently refused.
could not help but smile seeing Flying Dragon Court, said: “If the future princess Pitt have permission meaning, do not know the princes may wish to agree to the marriage ”
Xian severely heart, gave those behind stunned cronies, said: “If Bi Princess approval, Xian definitely live up to.” finish the sentence, Xian relieved, but my heart is endless smile, about their no chance Sheriff illegitimate birth, strokes careful child is a son.
dragon fly look of a pine court, said: “I hope I Longmou natural prosperity of the North Han, but I sincerely wish you every success in princes, although some contradictory, but a sincere Longmou princes should have known.”
Xian looking shyly, speechless. Flying Dragon Court is no longer bother him, and whispered: “Treasure of the Sierra sand, loyal souls buried, Dragon Court today a dead fly, still more than hate, but also for the country if the primary allegiance after death, how wonderful!” He finished , Dragon Court fly sword scabbard, coldness flash, Treasure of the Sierra cross-flow, the crowd screams, body falling horse. Military officers and men had to see him laughing feast feast, although it is entrusted funeral, but they own a calm manner, he would not even have to die to give birth to the illusion, who knows square to see him bow whispers suddenly rapier alienate, are unprepared. Dragon Court is a rare horse fly Lucky good horse, at the moment are all covered with blood-stained, but not muddy heroic past, to see the owner the horse before the fall, that while horses whine, while arch Yi Gong master from time to time getting down the icy body, cries sounds Aiqi pathos, is heard heartbroken.
Xian sadly, he tried to order the aftermath, fly a Dragon Court Guards suddenly shouted: “General weekdays until we Enchongrushan, how can make the generals alone on the road.” the Guards had been discarded weapons, but when he was fighting This has been seriously injured, a lever arm penetration, Yaatsume although truncated, but the arrow is still deeply embedded in the flesh. Guards at the moment a chamber that grief, even desperate hand pull out the arrow, with a mass of flesh and blood, regardless of whether it Guards, arrows piercing the throat, immediately Darien, fell to the ground. Originally crying tears of another Chikae seeing this, yelled: “General!” Leaned over to pick up discarded sword, himself killed. They move infected people, who is listening to the Dragon Palace Guards was ordered to fly only abandoned firearms, and now it is filled with shame, grief unbearable, seeing all shouting out “general”, each from a break.
Xian high channel: “no!” but it was too late, but the twinkling of an eye, even hundreds Guards have been killed in suicide. Xian slumped to put down your hands, mind could not help a sense of loss, even a people are not saved, the North Han Warriors, it really is all loyalty. Battlefield Centre, Dragon Court heard flying horse suddenly moan, and ran to the east. Yong Jun who could not think arresting this horse, open line of defense, despite that horses escape away.
I sit on the sidelines in the back, dragon fly Chamber Although this accident, but it is not incomprehensible, presumably knows his mind, whether he could breakout success, the North Han are already Higurashi Nishiyama, have entrusted all funeral to Xian moves. But he will pay Xian Lin Bituo unexpected touches me, this thing has been how to solve, it is advantageous or disadvantageous, I began to secretly plan.
next Xian ordered sweep the battlefield, I have been told in Xian around, to see how he arranged. Xian personally makes the wild in Hebei’s Court for the dragon fly made grave burial, and people will die martyrs buried in the side of the pro army, cast a big grave, grave called loyalty. Burial date, there Yong Jun returns longting flying horse rushes Qinshui, in Qinshui shore whine Tears of Blood, which in turn from the sink. Getting Xian, sadly, without a word, I am also sad heart, he proposed to horses transported corpses buried in the grave side fly Dragon Court, Xian immediately agreed, it is to do so, this horse’s grave was Linning given name “Yima graves. ”
army northward again before the Court came to the dragon fly tomb, although only a few days, but I saw the tomb of a fragrant flower offerings, I do not know why people came to pay homage, I kissed sprinkle wine in the grave, prayer and said: “Long generals Although I have killed you, but this is a matter of choice, your wishes will inevitably help you complete me, I hope you do not blame heaven for me, you souls has a soul, but also the blessing of one soil, but do not devils rebellion to claim my life go. “I do not know how I feel grave some chilly wind blowing, a shiver, decided to leave immediately as well.

maneuvers thirty-third chapter fifth generation of the state smoke
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Hongxia Princess Lin Tong, on behalf of the state HOU Lin Yuanting young girls, Jia Pinggong master’s sister, Princess Su gotta love pet parents siblings as a treasure, then God’s love Wu makeup, often single out, carrying bow hunting knife. Big Yong Longsheng first year, twenty-four years the North Han Emori, Jia Pinggong went Qinzhouhuang assist in the main, the Man-tapping Yanmen very anxious when away Ting Bingdu, Second Brother Cheng Wani died, on behalf of the state without the Lord on stand , Royal mobilize the Man, the main, though young, natural splendor Yong Lie rude Father percent, then the crowd was hailed as the generals, to resist the Man.
- “History of Hongxia Princess Yong Chuan
Lin Tong a red, standing on the city wall of Yanmenguan

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October 31st, 2013

Flying from the knife, but it is unable to dodge, his eyes suddenly brightened pass thorough, light will be looking to win his life hidden weapon, but it is ice-like look cool. In the nick of time, his Guards have arrived, chanted a loud deafening, “Ami asked Buddha,” a Guards stand flyby, suddenly crossed Shuzhang space, a Zhangpi go Nabing knife slanting Xian grazed in the neck, that were falling Guards exhausted, just to keep up with his horse, saddle Guards falls above the high channel: “Your Highness can not Qingshenjianfei scraped.” but it is the name of the Guards France is the master. His voice faded, the King of Qi Chikae have flocked to him to protect them, Xian helpless smile, looked up and saw the dragon fly leaned over the court that were sacked sergeant rescued, that sergeant stand up sit down after flying dragon court, dragon fly being rode away from the court, when it looked Xian, Flying Dragon Court seems to have felt, looked back, standing face to face, the two eyes are the admiration of color. Xian is a smile, high channel: “Kill! North Han a person can not let go.” Flying Dragon Court array which has rushed into Yong Junjun, although some confusion North Han automatically follow behind him, cone VECTRIX form again .
Xian known side guards would never allow themselves to fight the battle again, but also the command of the army had started to concentrate on the North Han kill your spirit and strength of the armies fighting the most intoxicated when Yong Jun Qinshui direction near the West Camp sudden battle cry loudly, Xian startled mind, eyes look longting fly, just some rushing, Xian has been found that, although the Dragon Court flying flags is displayed after the army, but a closer view seems to only two or three people, while stirring the hearts of Xian Ming Bai Longting fly to the true meaning of their own issue as bait, but the main force in this direction in their own camp within the West Camp is responsible Jing late, only four men people, I am afraid that will make the North Han breakout success. Lips revealing interesting smile, Xian Hsin Tao, Jing Chi is a large Yong of a tiger, have him stop, North Han is not so easy to break, Sun Ji is not a vegetarian, encirclement around the North Han is only a dead end . Moreover, Hsin Tao Xian, just kill you longting fly, run away tens of thousands of people, what is the important thing. Thought here, Li Xian does not intend to reinforce the West camp, but continues to surround and annihilate the Dragon Court ordered the fly. Behind the North Han, Sun Ji has led his army approaching, the North Han made clear to battle, the North Han took the opportunity has not been possible to break through from the rear, so the Sun Ji also began to reveal a dangerous edge.
Yong Jun West Camp, Jing Chi command of the army to resist the North Han originally more powerful attack, and nearly 67 million in the local northern Han took advantage on the battlefield, Jing Chi is completely clinging camp, he had got the news, LIN Bi and Long Ting Fei know being in the Army Camp in Dongying and rushing, as long as they can hang on camp, then wait until the other two camps to win, and that they can get support, Dongying, or more difficult to get out, but there are sixty thousand cavalry King of Qi , twenty thousand infantry, should be Wensheng. Ji’s direction throughout the defense, in addition to the thousands of troops encircled the time, the King of Qi all Phoenix International defeated army battalions are concentrated here, so troops, plus Sun Ji will shrink in the rear surrounds, never let North Han breakout success.
at this time if a pair of eyes in the sky looking down, certainly you can see, the North Han three-way breakout forces, both into a bitter struggle among the opponents as many years, Zezhou army already accustomed and their hard work, dominant forces , followed by another one’s own army they have no scruples exhausted all combat power, the North Han tightly blocked, if not unexpected, dragon fly Breakthrough Court plans became bubble. However longting fly sort of person, if there is no absolute certainty, how a scheme to divide our forces to break through, so he had thought of the military situation, if not in person he is the King of Qi will surely break out of the battlefield, why would he want to risk being given as bait, from beginning to end, the main direction of his break camp in the West, not just because of the proximity Qinshui collusion water can be the way to break the military, and the other reason is that, where the defender but Jing late, around late in the Jing There is a magic number of disciples lurking.
late in Jing dedicated command when suddenly panic-stricken ears heard their cry Guards, Jing Chi almost subconsciously sideways, body contraction in immediately, try to reduce the scope might be attacked, even so, He still felt the sharp blade piercing his body’s cold feeling, pain hit, Jing Chi staring eyes, and saw behind the attack on his own people was recently drew much of his favoritism Pian Jiang Dai key moment with his face with a faint smile, behind him, a few handles Hengdao piercing his body, fifty-six horse lance pierced him, but everything will be too late to stop him late edged dagger piercing Jing ribs. Jing Chi’s body began to shake, he was about to fall under the horse, when several Guards rushed over to embrace him. Wear bright eyes flashed key look, the exhaustion of the last forces, loudly shouted: “The king, sovereign!” And then slowly closed eyes, his life extinguished the fire so quietly.
At this time, the North Han Xiao Tong array of gently looked to one side to go, although the shouts of the key have not been able to wear reached his ears, but the big Yong military array confusion has it all, look a little sadly, he Chen Sheng said: “three deer general, be able to break up.” Northern Han in the horn repeatedly, unstoppable assault began, suddenly lost the Lord’s Yong Jun began to confusion, and finally, Yong Jun defense was broke a hole in the North Han rushed out.
Yong battle array, Jing late Guards will hold him to a safe place, medic stumbled to come by several Chikae frame, unloading Yijia, pulled out a dagger, on the drug, the blood from the wound Quan out , soon to penetrate the dressing cloth, Medical tears authentic: “under the incompetent, the generals, the generals of the injury probably ……” While many people were frustrated when, Jing Chi suddenly wake up, he managed to: “The neck, locking tabs inside.” one Chikae immediately reach out to Jing Chi collar torn, the original Jing Chi neck hung a gold pieces, Guards open the lock piece, which is a big longan The Lawan, white wax clothes on a line as thin as mosquito-foot small print “cold secret garden.” Military eyes light up, grabbed Lawan, gently crush the white wax coat, a wisp of fragrance refreshing, revealing a fiery Hongyan pills, medic stuffed already covered in its icy Jing Chi mouth. Pills entrance, almost instant, Jing Chi’s temperature began to warm, then gradually reduced wound blood flow, putting in multiples vulnerary Military after the wound is no longer bleeding, Jing Chi’s breathing began to become stable, although once again fell into a coma, but anyone can see, his life saved.
a Chikae look chaotic battlefield, most of the North Han had to break out, to be replaced only six or seven thousand lieutenant commanding life and blocked everywhere are Yong Jun messy corpse, he quaver said: “how to do, how to do  “Another Chikae high channel:” Go and report it Highness the case here, we should first make a rope, the generals sent Chu Xiang Hou Jing adults there, jianjun adult medicine speaks, so let’s generals injury changes. “This Chikae but for many years to follow Jing Chi’s henchmen, his words very reasonable, the crowd immediately act separately, with four horses to pull a rope middle, placed above the Jing Chi, lest being shaken, aggravated injury, Guards were guarding Jing late to leave the battlefield.
West Camp upheaval spread to Xian and the dragon while flying ears Court, Dragon Court fly relieved smiles: “gentlemen, the main army had to break, and now to see our own, and that they can not survive , also need to pull a few funerary, kill! “With his order, the North Han began the unbridled rush. And Xian is looking ashen, rapid messenger said: “make reasonable temporary lieutenant West Camp adjutant, kill intercept the North Han main, immediate messaging Sun generals, let him fully north, never let the North Han so easily return Qinyuan. “Then Xian Su Rong said:” Things have been so, but also without regret, to surround and annihilate longting fly, if again makes a mistake, what else should we face to see people. “armies are also angry like mad, toward the face of the enemy, must no longer let fly breakout Dragon Court, which became the hearts of each Yong army of unique idea.

fifth maneuvers Chapter 32 Treasure of the Sierra Zhonghun
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behalf of the state as the vanguard troops rushing, since the rate of pro-military tribunal fly breakout attract Yong main army, from the northwest of the main Han. Yong Su dread tribunal who fly Wal-Mart, in order to stop their army rushing, rush a court to fly day and night, tired horse power to do, as Yong army trapped, and his body was more than at the wound, do not. Big love the King of Qi Yong Yong Lie, went down the Front strokes, the court refused to fly lashing, asked after the matter was suicide, when the tribunal fly only 30-year-old, whose Chikae hundreds of surviving, all martyrdom death, Gen. love horses, cast Qinshui death. General Wang Ling tomb built in the wild, he cast for “loyalty grave”, “Yima mound” companions, after the temple built on the tomb of the old town, the spring festival, where the loyalty of disabilities, into the temple and worship, often reflected in its supernatural.
- “History of the North Han Fei Long Ting Chuan
April 19, when the early morning light through the clouds again, when more than a thousand on the battlefield has only been Yong Han army surrounded the North, the North Han main break yesterday after rushing dragon fly several court times, see no chance to break through, then knot circular array stick, Yong Jun surrounded onslaught, the North Han is reported Bisizhixin both sides Chanzhan until nightfall, Xian furious, it raised torch bitter night, until late at night Division North Han began to crumble array, but dispersed to form a small North Han circular array, stubbornly doing unnecessary resistance, a lot of hungry North Han sergeant on the battlefield blood thirsty horses, raw horse meat, and would not surrendered until the early morning, Li Xian was finally wiped out in addition to the dragon fly and its pro-military court outside of all remnants, almost no prisoners, almost all of the North Han until they die, and some North Han Army unable to fight after they die himself, and would not captured humiliated, hundreds of prisoners are not the only powerhouse can not hurt himself, that is exhaustive fainted, no chance to commit suicide.
Xian ashen face looked trapped in the siege among longting flying fist with both hands, very angry, then, elegant voice behind me said: “Your Highness Why so ugly looking, seeing the leader of the enemy must first grant, Your Highness should be happy is. ”
Linning not look back, mocking authentic: “So is jianjun adults come, how does sulking that ”
I could not help Momobizi, retracted neck, embarrassed smile, secretly regret the previous two days should not offend the king. But speaking you can not blame me ah, I though industry all over the world, but it is a large structure meager profits, no reason to lose Shu business network, how to prevent me bitter.
speaking my hands industry is mainly divided into four parts, the first part is the Southern Metropolis machine Court, the secret Court secretly in control of the southern business into three, but this three percent is not all that I can control, most of which shares belong My collaborator, the other part was I given to the secret camp disciples, only part still in my hands directly, but according to my plan, world series, I will spread out all industries, that is to the secret Court nominal control of the industry, I can not just sell, we can not draw too much money, and in order to support the intelligence network in the south of Chu, I should get this part of the profit is essentially invisible.
second part of the ear that is responsible for the peace of the green inn, which I have complete control over the industry, responsible for me and other industry contacts, or my intelligence as a source, you want to control such a huge industry, the need to spend energy and Money is difficult to count, in short, is still in the break-even stage, although in the future there will be steady income, but at least for now, I still Zhiwangbushang.
third part is my boat trip on the sea’s shares, this part can be said to profiteering, and also my current main source of gold, needless to say. If you do not provide a steady stream of Hay money, how can I might have a fairyland Jinghai Hills, not to mention the establishment of peace inn.
while the fourth part is under the control of Fairview Union industry, when I was supposed to make Fairview Union allies who have the care of the body, but also so that every day they just want Zionist revenge, think it is rolling in money, in these Fairview Union Most Chinese people are quite veins hero before, if not this other person, how can he determined to resist large Yong, snakes in these efforts, but thriving industry Fairview Union, the annual income of the accounts I have seen happy not close rope mouth. When I see the game better, do not want to give up Fairview Union, is to bear these gains, but in that Jaap Yuan Feng’s request, my brain awake, but to find that I need to give up Fairview Union, in order to prevent passing Jaap Yuan Feng Fairview Industrial Union forces penetrated into my, when I make a resolve to give up all the industry, so that they will be over ninety percent of Chen Zhen liquidity all through the hands of the secret Court to green ears, although I’ve tried to reduce the loss, leaving only shops, goods and real estate to Fairview Union is responsible for managing these industries people waiting in ignorance Jaap Yuan peak force receiving, but I was very upset, and then I think of all annual income 40% less, how can I wringing.
what you said to me wealth as a cloud, is simply nonsense, I do not love though Zhe Jiang powerful reputation, but the money still love, if not gold and silver, what am I to feed their families, what do the authors want me to corruption. Did not want to hit me because Xiao Shunzi Sap, only led me to test the champion, although so comfortable day after a few years, but it has changed my life, if I had had great wealth, Perhaps now also a place that picturesque seclusion, reading in the daily tea, flowers fishing, fun, although some will be dull, but was able to get through this life carefree bar. Besides, with my body now, although barely be called healthy, but if there is not enough money so that I can use a variety of expensive drugs to restore his health, let me rush toil away in order to make money, I do not know if I could live Soft blue and cautious child to get married that day. Want to live a comfortable life, where no money, I like celebrity pictures for money, I like the only existing copies of rare and it costs money, that is to write with paper and ink, and a harp when burning fragrance, garden flowers and herbs , not all the money pile up it.
So think about it, this is enough to make me lose enough sorrow, much deliberation, because large Yong royal family’s sake, since it is the emperor Li Zhi, I dare not anger, Changle is my loved one, I could not bear anger, naturally, only anger in front of Li Xian, while Sun Ji and Jing Chi them, Who they are Li Zhi’s henchmen will love, so I be angry with it. These days in the military through recuperate things Yigaibuli. Of course anger anger go, I also think Linning enough to block longting fly, LIN Bi, battle of the things I’m not very well versed in, so it did not bother, how can he expect the military situation became the look, but now the situation I’m still quite satisfied.
longting fly trapped, sooner or later Jiu Fu, LIN Bi although behalf of the state with a weak army reinforcements army took advantage of the opportunity Yong, breaking the siege of West Camp, with seven thousand children stand out on behalf of the state, but on behalf of the state military great loss of strength, and according to my information, LIN Bi Breakthrough been unlikely to affect the overall situation of the North Han, and her survivors, but also to a large fraternity North Kingship room, on behalf of the state between the Lin family still room for maneuver. The most surprising thing is Jing later assassinated, making Qinzhouhuang main army breakout success, if not the old park in the winter, when I gave him a life insurance immortality, I’m afraid there is no guarantee his life, which is clearly beyond my expectations. However, because of Xian act decisively, so do not worry about being around Sun Hebei dragon fly and on behalf of the state military court, but rather to concentrate to kill fleeing Qinzhouhuang army. Although Qinzhouhuang Army breakout success, but also took the opportunity to kill seal Qinshui Yong Jun, rescued the North Han River Army remnants, but under the Sun Ji to kill, or only thirty thousand remnants fled Qinyuan , now has blocked Qinshui Valley Sun Ji, Bing Qinyuan city, can say the desired objectives were achieved, although not perfect, Jing Chi injured, Xian also felt face trouble, but this is still a decisive victory.
look Xian cold

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October 31st, 2013

DIPLOMAT XXXI fifth three-way breakout
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Twenty-four years
Emori Tiger, as Yong Ting Fei Ji’s army besieged in the south, not the bloody Shi Yuri, when, on behalf of the state for the barbarian intrusion, the potential crisis, Yong told the army to Arrow Books, desire disorder morale, and Han rations do, captains trying to use the military for the sacrifices on behalf of the state, seeking to break through the machine, the court observed flying, forced pro-set break the policy.
- “History of the North Han Fei Long Ting Chuan
slope dwarf horse standing on top of Xian Muguangruju, faint smile looking away embattled Yong Junjun array, after a few days after finishing, he has re-took over power, is responsible for the surround and annihilate the North Han, Because Ji’s is the main direction of the North Han break, so he led a force blocking the North Han return. Days of fighting, combat readiness of the North abruptly Yung Han army offensive stand in the way, and Sun Ji responsible for oppression in the back of the living space of the North Han, after the blow from the north to help Xian Han, North Han almost failed breakout , had to retreat because of the role of Sun Ji, of course, tough style of Li Xian North Han has been unable to break the siege is an important reason. Campaign for many years, only today Linning they realized everything under the wonderful feeling.
However Xian still feel depressed, do not know what happened, it seems these days Zhe Jiang feel very bad, indifferent on military affairs, there is not a school day is calligraphy, every time I see his always cold with a face, seemed to myself quite angry, no, not just for themselves, Sun Ji was empty when he went to ask to see, he is so lukewarm appearance, even Jing late every time he went out of the house, but why he still I do not know in the end is what makes this so unreasonable always courtly youth. Shook his head, Xian reject the hearts of distractions, looking to the front, yesterday they receive on behalf of the state intelligence, mind a move, they pass the letter to LIN Bi with archery, presumably on behalf of the state military necessity military instability, according to the scouts return, North Han that the 2nd will run out of food, presumably on the North Han breakthrough in the next two days, while the dawn is the most critical time, so he just sits here personally.
Suddenly, in front of some changes in military array, Xian aroused, looked up and saw the first rays of morning sunlight, on behalf of the state just as the lever for the general military forces to Yong large array rushing, that led The staff move Yinqiang, wearing brocade cloak Jinfeng precisely Jia Pinggong main LIN Bi. This time, LIN Bi though still wearing a helmet, but did not close the visor, revealing beautiful countenance stunning jade horse as Dragonet, who Fei, just face cold as ice, inevitably weakened a little charm. Xian Juzhen just feel my heart at that moment, his eyes bright and moving only those valiant and heroic. At the moment a little hesitation Xian, LIN Bi Yong has led the way into the army Dongying, Yinqiang flying, when those Pimi, behind her, on behalf of the state military feeding loudly, archery bow behind the sergeant, sergeant in front of you Yong is waving swords and guns into the military camp, who as general shortness of arrows rain had eyes seemed to know how to avoid the generation of the state military body, mercilessly charged with Yong Jun’s life. Xian surprised, quickly issued a military order, prayer flag waving, Drum gongs, Yong army began an orderly retreat of Dongying, where the wings back too slowly, wishing behalf of the state surrounded by the military, which is the usual practice of these time .
LIN Bi-hardened, naturally know at the moment should control the speed of the attack, lest fall into enemy surrounded on three sides, but this time LIN Bi have a different choice, she loudly call: “The home crowd Jishou with hope, brethren, kill! “And then almost regardless of whether the army stormed Yong Jun, on behalf of the general state of the military like a two-edged knife piercing Yong Jun’s chest.
LIN Bi heard clear hoot, Yinqiang pick open edged horse lance, piercing a Yong directly to the local military knight’s throat, then dying Yong blood red eyes face ferocious cavalry, leaving the hands screaming horse lance, bloody hands grabbed Yinqiang, nor let it go dead, LIN Bi in immediately turned around and left hand pull the waist sword, Daoguang flash, the man cut off his arms, Yinqiang level planning, a frenzied attack came Yong Military throat cut, sword swing, Zhanxia a Yong Jun’s head, and then go sword sheath. Instant kill three of LIN Bi moment as Shura general disability hate, however, change my life but as the face of the Kuang Hua bloom on the battlefield, so that the beautiful flowers also lost color. In her frantic fight incentives, on behalf of the state to play the strongest military personal combat power, surrounded caught, they are faced with almost everyone a few enemies, but relying on their superb horsemanship and effort, not even the slightest strive, on behalf of the military seems to have become the state is covered in razor hedgehog, a layer cut with Yong army surrounded.
Xian a frown, was originally expected to be lax on behalf of the state Junjun heart, think LIN Bi behalf of the state to return the call Kills army, but now seems more enhanced army fight to the death on behalf of the state of the heart, it seems too Dongying may not be able to support live, but if at the moment support Dongying, the next to face a tough Qinzhouhuang army may. He was originally expected that the military may Qinzhouhuang behalf of the state and the military conflict, because the generation of the state is the most suitable as a breakthrough military vanguard, the transfer Yong Jun sight, but on behalf of the state, but may not be willing so sacrifice military, LIN Bi actually think Ken willingly fly to lead the charge for Dragon Court, does she not consider the loss of what the military on behalf of the state.
By now, more like useless, Dongying come to help the sergeant coldly: “Tell Luo Zhang, no reinforcements, fifty thousand troops if he still can not stop the generation of the state army, nor for confessing that he wiped his neck it. ”
At this time, on behalf of the state military forces have been torn Yong Dongying first line of defense, LIN Bi dull ears heard the drums, hundreds of large drums while rumbling noise, it is as if pressing a thick pall of hearts , LIN Bi-lift head looked, nine Yong is strictly military step pending military array, each square is composed by a thousand people, the front is one high giant shield, spear behind the dense, Then ax soldiers, then to the archers. Finally there is a square face, which will be bristling Yong Army flag, the above is a flamboyant “Law” word.
LIN Bi eyes flashed Hanmang, in one fell swoop Yinqiang, point Yong military array, shouted: “throw!” generation of the state army did not slow down the speed of the horse, the first round Ben shot arrows injections Yong military array when there are two hundred paces from the fifth round of arrows, the two armies had only fifty paces apart, step inside shot five hundred arrows, archery enough to rule the roost on behalf of the state military world, accurate archery oppression Yong Jun unable to rise, almost bowed necking avoid the shield, the momentum inevitably weaker, at this moment, on behalf of the state military forces have stormed Yong military array, horses hit the shield, spear piercing the body, two the military are not relaxed archery, heavy rain in the sky flying arrows in general, Yong Jun archers stood desperately arrows, you want to stop the advancing troops on behalf of the state, and the state on behalf of the military are just like ghosts in general, a stone’s throw a stone to fight back they immediately doing a variety of movements, dodge, brandished a knife, spear, lance pick, but still be able to in all cases archery kills. The first military array is exceeded, the second military array is exceeded, at this moment, on behalf of the state behind the battle cry renewed military, those who have just been a breakthrough on behalf of the state military defense Yong cavalry rallied behind the attack came from the. Behalf of the state military knights behind archery reflexive counterattack armies cemented together, on behalf of the state military offensive by the curb.
At this point, appeared on the horizon north of Han handsome flag, flags fluttering, cavalry wind, meal after meal after the North Han Yong rushed darling of the Army Army Camp, see flying on the battlefield of the “dragon” character banner, Xian aroused, immediately ordered again and again, to mobilize the army to meet the enemy approached, Long Ting Fei rushing though overwhelming, but Linning had to be prepared, with him blocking longting fly Qinyuan retreat from the battlefield are warriors rest of his life, this is Takeo extraordinary troops, the hearts of humiliation is very strong, they are almost the North Han grappling with life and never let a northern Han Chinese from This breakthrough, which is the only army beliefs. Armies abruptly struck together, laid down his life to break party, one party vowed revenge, a fight which called tragic. A Yong military triumph over the enemy horse has just been through the horse lance sergeant miserable body’s North Han smiled and hugged enemy weapons, another North Han sergeant took the opportunity to stab him, the other two about outflanking Yong Jun, Liang Bing Ma lance almost simultaneously piercing the sergeant’s body, not far from a bloodied North Han sergeant, blood-red eyes staring at the hands of the press Crossbow, bolt pierced immediately crumbling in North Han sergeant and two will His assassination Yong Yi Jia Army sergeant and body.
dragon fly sit and watch military tribunal melee battlefield, even the most drastic of the North Han Yong Warriors can not easily break through the army’s defense, he took a deep breath of the cool spring air, which, in addition to the fragrance of the earth and grass atmosphere outside, only thick bloody breath, he co-above A, raised his halberd, shouted and said: “Come with me.” he rushed into the military array, behind him, wearing a red war Guards robe waving Weaponry roared loudly, swing offensive immediately attracted everyone’s attention, to both sides of the North Han automatically separated from the torrent of fire red cone VECTRIX formation, wedged in the Yong Army Army, the rest of the North Han automatically attached tail cone VECTRIX, torrent increasingly large, Yong army military array began to shake and began turbulence.
Xian seeing cold smile, years of battle, he and the dragon fly do not know how many times the court battle encounters, long used to seeing a dragon fly Chambers arrogance Although he can not help but admire, but want to let him bow to admit defeat but it is never expect, horse lance in one fell swoop, sky-piercing sound of the trumpet, Li Xiangang rode to battle, with his guards approached phase resistance Zhuang Jun said: “Your Highness, now fly Dragon Court is already Hardships, without a fight is just a matter of time, Your Highness but the daughter of the body, should not go into battle, if there is any damage, would not fall short. “Xian laughed:” If you do not personally go to coach insurance, how to boost morale  fly the court battle with the dragon king for many years, How can we not send him a ride today, you get out. “horse lance Qing Hui, Zhuang Jun compelled out of the way, Xian went up to the North Han has led the way forward, he trained to follow around Guards rushed on nursing in the Xian among the two central collisions flame entangled in battle, horses neigh and soldiers and warriors battle cry hoarse suffering before his death groans intertwined, almost everyone was bloody and murderous dazzled crazy breath filled the entire battlefield.
Long Ting Fei and Li Xian’s eyes entwined on the battlefield, although the two are separated by many Guards, so that they can not fight face to face, but the two people’s eyes always fall on each other and, in the hands of the weapons just instinct will clear the enemies around, how many times meet on the battlefield, although the two face to face fight has no chance, but already the figure engraved in their hearts to each other, and finally to death today when the decision phase. Launched almost simultaneously, both through its own Chikae obstacles, Hercules across a semicircle, the horse is the piercing lance, two cross-strike weapons together, but quickly separated the two Guards almost tide like rushing, they want to be their own boss protected, but the two weapons Dangqi breeze fills the infuriating, so that those Chikae not close, the two fierce battle in together, Enter the Dragon, who did not retire After meaning.
fend stabbing his throat Hercules, Xian eyes full of warm flame, is this person so that they again suffered the pain of failure, again and again survived the past few years who add a lot of wounds, Is this man’s gift, but a strange, Xian did not think this man hateful, perhaps the gift of the past thanks to this person so that they often struggle in life and death, kill the pain in my mind because of it. This life, he lost Huangxiong Li Zhi, although not on the battlefield see compete, but obviously, the failure of entropy wins so they will never become Huangxiong fall by the wayside. While another beat yourself to do nothing is the front of this person, defeated Ji’s lured into a tight encirclement though it is a big victory, but ask yourself, Li Xianning willing Qinyuan upright prevailed against him. But in addition to the hearts of the tribute, Xian hearts there is a trace inexplicable jealousy, obviously this man encircled, and death has not be independent, but they feel that they would rather Linning is longting fly, preferring died in battle on top. Severely scolded himself cry somehow, Xian struggling to fend off the thorns came Hercules, court backhand a flying dragon lance stabbing chest.
this person, obviously repeatedly defeated, but they lost without Holderness, again and again to come against, and always maintained a strong fighting spirit, Dragon Court sometimes feel as if flying a touchstone, the front of this man became the most sharp sharpen Weaponry, every time I see this man risking his own life in front of strikes, defying death defended rear bloody dragon fly hearts always give birth to a trace of court tribute, not all people will be like everyone else in front of me, obviously royal nobles , daughter, son, but at the lives of desperate fighting. Hearts sigh, now tempered into a steel front of this man, and he himself will sink like a stone in the River Qinshui. Looked up and saw a pair of Xian murderous full of flames and deep eyes, dragon fly Chambers smiled, Hercules sweep, if it can, and this person and bone battlefield, the idea is considered worth it.
armies coach singled out on the battlefield, this is a rare spectacle, but are covered in cold sweat Guards armies, if so coach die in front of their own, but they insult those who Guards, although Flying Dragon Court and Linning raged, Gang Feng four Yat, compelled the people had retreated several feet around the outside, but these two are still around Guards fight together, the same color armor and mixed together, although a different style not let them wrong enemy armies, but soldiers in the distance seems, but it is difficult to distinguish between friend and foe, so the arrows are no longer to cover here.
bitter fight dozens of rounds, dragon fly and Linning both Chambers have forehead see Khan, they are people the enemy, immediately martial arts are outstanding, a difference is limited, so infuriating flame up consuming more energy, but discerning can already be seen flying dragon Court has faint prevailed, after all, he had suffered demons were pointing, martial arts is to be slightly better than Xian, and Xian’s advantage is that he’s tough, bitter fight again and again over the years, Linning not know How many times to go to the body insurance, martial arts training have reached a pinnacle in the rage among the most is perseverance, although longting fly prevailed, but also keep Xian was very guarded, that is a hundred rounds on battles, nor will be lost.
two Chanzhan long, dragon fly Chamber perceive one’s offensive has slowed, Yong Jun is getting steady, if not the immediate opportunity to kill Li Xian, I’m afraid to fly Dragon Court has continued to set aside Linning rushing it. Hearts of some impatience, Long Ting Fei started some desperate, almost all suffer Shazhao Meiyi Zhao, Li Xian is did not fear, but the dragon fly Chambers sights up, so that the two are frequently in distress, see both sides Guards frightened.
this moment, Zhuang Jun, could not, high channel: “Protection of Your Highness.” Having said lift horse lance rushed past, no longer bother whether it will be Linning blame. As he rushed out of the moment, nine general through condensation Yu Jian as Phantom of the murderous, staggered through the shadows, fired longting fly, dragon fly Hercules Court drew a circle, nine changjon seemed dead letter, but the dragon Chambers is both man and horse fly back three steps, infuriating changjon hidden inside the dragon fly’s body crumbling Court, Hercules slid, revealing a front point. It was shot arrows DUANMU autumn, as the King of Qi Guards outside of his addition to archery, martial arts are not particularly good at once, so deliberately left behind at the moment he played his archery highest level of success restricts the longting fly attack, so Linning made opportunity. Xian rode forward, meaning no mercy horse lance stabbing chest fly Dragon Court. A North Han Knight canthus splitting, left hand knife fiercely hip bar in the top of the horse, horses soon Changsi, madly before the sprint, just stand in Xian before the horse, who set the sky, Xian horse lance fiercely penetrating horse horses horse head, horse rider in the saddle on the occasion of knives sell out, fired at Xian’s throat. Xian This lance is almost exhausted all the effort, obviously see

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October 31st, 2013

LIN Bi will fly Dragon Court handed a letter.
fly Dragon Court received the letter, read it Yimushihang of reading, above the behalf of the state military really written very clear and detailed, if even LIN Bi feel no flaws, then it may be true, he slumped down the letters, said: ” But you have decided that if the military wanted to surrender on behalf of the state, I would not blame you. ”
Lin Bihuo However, the cold channel: “on behalf of the state military treachery never done things, but public discussion of this decision to send troops, how could the chicken has changed since I on behalf of the military since the establishment of the state, only to die, never Knees collaborators things, even if the former allegiance North Han, have not said a word down. ”
longting fly look becomes awe, but also got up and said: “I had expected strong efforts toward the princess, but a temptation just the language, but I’m all army generals, the military is the most important thing, please Bi sister indulgences.”
LIN Bi looked a little gentle, said: “But things are now, we also need to have to deal with, must resolve to break the non-interest expense, if any further delay, I’m afraid I can not control the morale up.”
dragon fly eyes flashed Court Chill light, said: “I was going to invite you to come discuss things break these days repeatedly fight, Pitt sister should be clear, Yong Army will not let me, every When I was rushing his troops when Yong army troops are blocked regardless of the expense, if the generation of the state military alone rushing, Yong Jun lure the enemy deep places of the coordinate pair, if not decisive Pitt sister, I’m afraid has already caught the enemy siege . Thus, the main goal is to Yung Army Longmou and Qinzhouhuang main army, and for the generation of the state army is leeway, so I orchestrated a new breakthrough program, you need to fully assist Pitt sister. ”
LIN Bi no words, Long Ting Fei said she then why not see it, but even then the heroic army behalf of the state, only 15,000 people, have mercy even Yong Jun and want to take the opportunity to break Yong Junjun array is not possible, and slowly looked up, her tone indifferent and Ming Wu, said: “But you wanted me to cover state military forces break Qinzhouhuang.”
longting fly faint smile, said: “on behalf of a state military power of the military, you want to cover Qinzhouhuang army is impossible to break things, Yong Jun just fifty thousand troops, on behalf of the state army can stop rushing, and if I took the opportunity to break with the main force, Yong Jun necessarily full containment, if force has not perilous, even put out on behalf of the state army, Yong Jun will not let our military have a breakthrough possible. Pitt sister should understand that for the North Han loyalty Our army is far better than the army, so Yong Qin state military forces will, for the main objective. ”
LIN Bi did not speak, she listened quietly, waiting to fly Dragon Court explained, dragon fly Court continued: “Therefore, I decided to break into three waves, the first wave you rate behalf of the state army rushing from the northeast breakout direction, Yong Jun necessarily use the old practice, trying to be lured into the Army on behalf of the state surrounded by armies will separate you and me, and then I rate twenty thousand Jingji, multiple flags, rushing from the north direction, Yong Jun bound to do can stop for me, after the deer’s brother will head the main army to break from the northwest, during which will divide our forces to Qinshui destroyed Yong army blocked the river’s Crossbow trebuchet, to help the military out of the water trapped. ”
LIN Bi a cold heart, and said: “You are to themselves as bait to lure Yong main army siege, so Qinzhouhuang main break.”
Long Ting Fei Su Rong said: “the only way to keep Qinzhouhuang main army, Longmou combat ineffective, hurt armed soldiers that, if Ximing drag on, are there any face to the king, and Yong army encircled on all sides, the northern troops only a maximum of more than ten million, but once the army into a bitter struggle, and the remaining three sides after the attack begins, this makes us still can not break through, this time I personally rushing, the main effort to lure the enemy trapped me, with deer Brothers brave, high chance to break, but once Yong mistaken behalf of the state military forces [www.2009W.com whole. manager. system.] but in order to cover for me to break the siege of Pitt sister inevitable weakening behalf of the state military is also a great opportunity to break through to a long and twenty thousand human lives Guards Army sacrifices in exchange for the main army to break through, it’s worth, but the first breakthrough Bi-mei, losses are bound to heavy, so I have to discuss with you. ”
looked longting Fei said and looked indifferent when their death, LIN Bi Jiaoqu shaky front of these people but their unmarried husband, helpless home country in peril, the two are each soldier’s generals, so together from many, Each meeting is in addition to military affairs military affairs, rarely talked about an affair, but LIN Bi had him as a constant companion, and now have separate middle, so how she can afford. At this moment, she is no longer on behalf of the state army and admired “Princess generals” is just going to lose a lover hardy woman.
tolerate the eyes of Tears, LIN Bi whispered: “You’re so generous to die, then I do, you can still remember the wedding of you and I, on the end of the year.”
longting fly look for a change, brow deeply grieved look reveals that this claim on behalf of the state military troops, Lin Yuanting mention an additional requirement that the dragon fly and LIN Bi marriage tribunal can not be delayed, the country entered the main primary the date, Yong army if retire at the end of this year is the wedding of two of the day longting fly heart is secretly pleased, if it can recede Yong Jun, so also his face wedding. But now it seems, they turned out to be never meant, no married for may.
dragon fly TOUGH intestinal Court, said: “Bi-mei, fly non-court break one’s promise, just to home country boat, fly not greed court.”
LIN Bi hide their faces staggering retreat, leaning against the tent walls, body trembling slightly, although not cry out loud, but it was strong self suppressed sobs but more is heartbreaking heartbroken. Flying Dragon Court even though the heart is unable to endure, such as stone, he strode forward to LIN Bi into her arms, LIN Bi buried in the first cicada fly Dragon Court chest, crushing cries echoed in the camp among the Flying Dragon Court able to feel a burst of warm chest shirt, but he knew LIN Bi Zhu Lei penetrate clothes, heart pain under hugged LIN Bi Jiaoqu. At this time, torches burn off, the account a dark, narrow space only two breathing and LIN Bi muffled sobs. Darkness, dragon fly this Court has always been in front of a famous general in high spirits, but also sadly Leila.
long, LIN Bi gently break longting flying arms and whispered: “Now that you have decided that I’ll go back arrangements.” Flying Dragon Court did not speak, he listened LIN Bi pick open the curtains out of account, listening LIN Bi retreating footsteps, clenched his fists, cold channel: “real man alive, can not fully boat to report Junfu grace, can not protect his wife, to make it bloody shirt, still face alleys in Ho the world. ”
suddenly, dragon fly Chamber thin ears heard the song, a little while, that voice getting louder and louder, they can already hear very clearly, listen carefully to fly Dragon Court, the song is from the generation of the state coming out of the military barracks.
“City Buildings to destroy dark clouds, A light to the moon Jinlin open. trumpet sky autumn, night purple stuffed Yan-Zhi Ning. Hongqi Pro Yasumizu half of the volume, the cold heavy cream drum sound can not afford. reported Jun Gold platform intended to guide and support Dragon King died. ”
but this battle on behalf of the state military favorite song to sing the song, on behalf of the state army and the Man fighting, mostly high horse manure in the autumn on the occasion, the Executive arms to protect Xiang Zi, according Yanmen and anti-Hu Ji, this time to sing Although from time to time or not, but it puts the military on behalf of the state of war reignited.
singing dumb at first incomprehensible, presumably on behalf of the state for several days bloody military, has long been a dry mouth, cleft lip, therefore, but it is getting louder sing later, initially only a hundred people singing, and later more and more people chime in Finally on behalf of the state in addition to the military, the military also began Qinzhouhuang singing along together, as one thousand Jiang Wan flow into the sea in general, singing converging magnificent torrent, singing several days morale diminuendo North Han re-unite into conquering powerhouse.
longting fly sad face of color swept away, slowly the whole body armor beam is good, fiery shirt, Chun surface ice, out of the account to go, a decisive period in tomorrow, where there is their love long time.
out of the off-balance, Long Ting Fei looked around, scattered under a dark sky bonfire, the air was full of bloody smell, in addition to singing everywhere, but also can faintly hear the sound of moaning sergeant reluctantly, while carefully contemplating a policy breakthrough success probability, while listening to the song of heroic armies desolate, lonely reveals worse than the cold spring evening chill, Long Ting Fei Ming very heart empty, so he knew must be the LIN Bi behalf of the state military forces singing familiar songs to boost morale very heart admiration, it is hoped that tomorrow LIN Bi able to stand out in his mind to understand, LIN Bi dangers faced only be lower than their own, most likely, they will die tomorrow at creating chaos among .
At this time, Xiao Tong come near, but between ten days, he has been described as thin, haggard look, in addition to the actual situation hard spying on enemy military, he is very guilty mind, since this state since the Qin Yong Jun Gong He repeatedly injure birds, men secret spy numerous casualties, the enemy ambush trend is not immediately noticed one of the reasons, Xiao Tong hated myself countless times incompetent dereliction of duty, as well as with today’s critical situation, both inside and outside Jianpo below, that makes Xiao Tong described the derogation so.
He went to Long Ting Fei Shence uneasy authentic: “General, just to see the princess under that you have decided to break up.”
longting fly lightly: “Yes, you assisted deer Brothers finally break out the detailed arrangements for the military meeting a little later when I will explain.”
Xiao Tong said: “General, you are our army coach, how can self-dance danger, to lure the enemy things or let others do it, might as well choose the army of the people close to your body and wear your armor and do charge bait, let the behalf of the state as a break of the main army, generals have a great chance to take the opportunity to break through. ”
longting fly lightly: “I am armed coach, if not at the head, what could motivate soldiers to die, as the charge to do so on behalf of the state military sacrifice, the matter can no longer put off, on behalf of the state do not need to send troops to the army, but now help solve the army due to being trapped in death, ungrateful if we make things, what is there to see facial elders behalf of the state. ”
though his tone indifferent, but Yi Zizi like blades carved in the rock above, Xiao Tong listening, knowing that their hearts have been agreed, turned out to be no room for maneuver, and he knew every word said dragon fly both Chambers True, only he personally can induce Yong main army dispatched secretly sigh, Xiao Tong bowed and said: “Please allow subordinate generals as you break.”
Long Ting Wang Fei Xiao Tong a, said: “But why then, despite repeated setbacks you this, but that is because the enemy scouts always whistle really powerful, I spy on the North Han in if exploration to you for the best, if for others, I’m afraid we would have become deaf, blind, you do not over guilt, this defeat is none of your business, that I simply did not think the enemy would be of interest to lure the enemy into the V The temple is already lost a chip count, only today’s defeat. Xiao Tong, this time you need to listen to my command, with the deer brothers break their three little brothers army mediocre, I was very worried, you by my side for many years, monasteries Some also grow, there you go hand in hand in order to ensure that they can successfully break. ”
Xiao Tong silent, long obeisance and said: “under obeyed.” his mind already been decided, redeem oneself, to stay too useful to the body, helping out deer brothers break, is to lifeless Xie, also need to wait until later when calm.
Long Ting Fei Sui Yong has promised to see him break out the main army, I am pleased and said: “Well, look at the sky almost three-shift, and you told it, made a three-shift meal, just before dawn break, let me see the future of the Army Master . ”
Xiao Tong heart jump, said: “General, our army has food to make, because the generals had been thinking about military tent, so the subordinate does not report it.”
Long Ting Fei cold smile, this event is not related to military aircraft, report it, how can this truth, he is very long in the military prestige, already reported to his sergeant dense, Qinzhouhuang armies army generals secretly discussing the matter privately , if not so, they would not categorically decided tomorrow morning break, had wanted to beat Xiao Tong a few words, but saw Xiao Tong uneasy look, do not think of tomorrow’s period is dead, and he do not want too much rap, just a touch said: “I know, injured horses and killing all the extra horses, let armies eat.”
fly in longting cold indifferent gaze, Xiao Tong strikes come in a cold sweat, Well Well retreat, after dinner, the battalion have food to make, captains privately negotiated, tomorrow must break out only at the expense of people rushing, possible breakout success, while Qin state between the army and the military on behalf of the state, after all, feelings of apathy, so they want to force the Dragon Court agreed to sacrifice on behalf of the state to fly military to ensure Qinzhouhuang main army can break, but worried about Dragon Court refused to fly , just want to take advantage of military force without food phase, but can not think of Dragon Court could even make a determined effort to fly to himself as sacrifice for Qinzhouhuang main army and the military to fight on behalf of the state the opportunity to break through.
a horse injured or intact long neighing horses, bells do not believe big eyes revealing look, knifed sacked long neck, blood Quan, when the horse’s body dumped heavy dust, brandished a knife and hacked horses BeiHan Army sergeant suddenly dropped a long knife, flapping in the above cried and dead horses, a few hitches aside his sergeant, but also tears rolling their eyes. For them, as cavalry, horses are their closest friends, for raising good horses, and horses build rapport, they are almost the horses eat sleep together, killing horses is so incomprehensible things, in general, Only when a horse irreparable injury to the point where it will kill and eat horse meat is not allowed. But now they have to kill a large number of horses, some of these horses was slightly injured, and some even intact, but lost the riding master, for it to break through the North Han, you only need to retain sufficient horses can, and the rest of the horses can only be killed for human consumption. Horsemeat excised down, in addition to preparing a meal break outside armies satiation, made all the remaining rations, after all, time is not determined to break through combat there long. Entire barracks filled with tragic atmosphere personally killed the beloved horses stimulus, so that all the North Han’s eyes become red, which is the flames, is grief.
eaten a meal is likely to be the last meal of the war, the North Han started the whole army, although looking at the shoe were setbacks, but still neat and orderly camp, dragon fly horse standing in court before the camp, he is behind The army generals, have been all ends completed, just waiting to make going to start. Long Ting Fei look serene, as if not to die, just go to go to a friend’s Yao Yan. Ears heard the familiar sound of hooves and crisp Luang ringtones, Long Ting Fei Xuan Jian Mei a smile turned around, it really is LIN Bi Guards Army in behalf of the state, surrounded by horse over.
LIN Bi came longting Pegasus before, you want to say something, but found himself speechless, as if all the words are said to do last night, she almost presumptuous Staring longting fly lean handsome face, I do not know I knew it, a drop of Zhu Lei drawn. Dragon fly a court will see a slight swelling of the Fengmu LIN Bi, he wanted to reach out and comfort to her, but finally did not do so, but in the immediately salute and said: “This time break, need to battle Pitt sister Takeo, Ting Fei grateful. boat peril, but Pitt sister princess of the statue, need great care, as the king share those concerns. ”
LIN Bi looked to one side to go, have a relatively long calm voice said: “The general take care, break though dangerous, but brilliant generals, if heaven see Mary, or we can meet.”
Long Ting Fei smiled and said: “nearly dawn, Pitt’s sister but the first wave of people rushing, please also ready to go.”
LIN Bi horse ran away, high channel: “LIN Bi obeyed, generals treasure.” Junjun behalf of the state when the horses turned to the battle, LIN Bi opportunity looked back, although the distance is very far away, but LIN Bi has a will Flying Dragon Court saw shallow Bise Double Vision, that deep sea of ​​deep eye pupil contains grief and blessing, she had never seen eyes reveal so much emotion inside, and in the moment of standing face to face, and that all affectionate suddenly disappeared without a trace, LIN Bi body shocked, if not beside her daughter Guards helped her a timely manner, she almost dropped his horse.
she has not Bise eye pupil from the pair of light to disentangle, has seen the generation of the state military fluttering flag, LIN Bi heart startled, instantly discard all the distractions, off Yinqiang, LIN Bi rallying shouts , clear as phoenix cracking nine days of howling echoed in the sky, on behalf of the state army of heartened, also accompanied by loud shouts, whistling sound overwhelming shattered the last vestiges of the pre-dawn darkness.

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October 31st, 2013

Still not a mental state, could not help but ask: “Your honor, there is one thing Beizhi unknown, could ask ”
Jaap Yuan Feng smiled and said: “Son Yue please speak.”
This Huiyi scribes his trusted aides but naturally will not have any scruples, frankly said: “Your honor, Fairview River Duke in the hands of Union forces but from now in our possession intelligence point of view, the organization strong, control area is very vast, in any case, it must attach great importance to the river Duke and adults the opportunity to obtain control over the Fairview Union, would not greatly offended the river Duke in the eyes of the emperor, the weight compared to adults Duke Many more important, do not worry about the river Duke adults what this revolt  ”
Jaap Yuan Feng laughed: “sub-Yue, some things you do not understand, this means profited the most good occasion, from Fairview Union can be seen, he ordered his henchmen who controlled the Fairview Union of the core layer, However, most of Fairview Union forces or by the feel of Shu constitute anti-sense, I had to admire his means, to let such a beautiful Union for its use. But this way, there is also a downside, once the matter was brought to light aircraft, Fairview Union will inevitably uncontrolled river Duke of course be allowed to destroy, but to crash and burn, suffer no good to anyone, so you want full control of such an organization, the public will see powerful Secretary Jiang Duke is more suitable than this that he would know it. Fairview Union and this time with our Dongchuan rebellion put down, in the future there is only two good way to go, first, Fairview Union was leaked the news of our control, not self-destruction is the allegiance big Yong, Second, Fairview Union mission accomplished, but after this time, Fairview Union anti-trace plain world, from the need to obtain and large Yong against in the end I think the Duke meant river continues to control Fairview Union, making him a hostile force, attract all the discontent for large Yong Shu, will they control them, but also by the AU and South Fairview West Shu Chu control traffic news this is also a good idea to put the long-term hanging fish, but unfortunately overlooked a river Duke things, the former Qing Wang Dongchuan in under the control of the emperor naturally not mind the presence of Fairview Union, after all, it allows better control of the emperor Dongchuan situation, but once under the control of Dongchuan entirely to the emperor, then such a powerful rebel organizations exist, is not conducive to large Yong in Dongchuan rule, it tends to cause the emperor suspicion. and can be used on slightly Machiavellian military, governance is carried out only to follow the right path, so this time must Fairview Union Qing Wang disappeared, of course, which Jiang Duke can get out of their own strength, but the rest can fall into the power of our control, rather much bother, rebuild our control subterranean forces invade West Sichuan, nor does it Fairview plain anti-trace Shu Meng became a hero, and continue to exist. ”
Huiyi scribes frowned: “The adults said pole is just a river Duke painstakingly adults may understand, Beizhi watch his use meter ring into the buckle, without realizing it is incoming, but often conspiracy for the body, Yinhen unfeeling, if he so hates adults, and what to do  ”
Jaap Yuan Feng laughed: “You worry too much, and this vicious, though with the meter, but the man does not like many things it touches, but his nature smelling knows ten, just know that my request will understand the meaning of this acting decisively enough, as soon as he perceived it, Fairview Union has become his problems, his means intense than I would like, if by his hands, I’m afraid will become Fairview Union clouds yesterday, so I was asked to take over , of course, I was reluctant to Fairview UNITA controlled intelligence network and strength, if not good, why should I succeed it  you look at it, it will come to see me two days Liu Hua, Jiang Duke convey the decision. ” Since Jaap Yuan Feng made the request after receiving Fairview Union, Liu Hua Yuan almost avoiding peaks and Jaap every time we met, even in the abandon scattered off walk back and forth on the back of the event, but also sent a front under discussion.
Huiyi scribes nodded and was about to speak, then, knock someone out, pushed out the door Huiyi scribes, came in a little while, his eyes full of Jing Pei, said: “Liu adults ask to see.”
into the Floral Hall, Hualiu hearts with a touch of resentment, but the son of the Now that you have decided, then forced himself to meet this Jaap adults, fighting back the hearts of anger, Hualiu line audience of the ceremony. Jaap Yuan Feng no half points complacency, conversely it is formal and courteous, so Hualiu can not reveal more complaints.
calm mind a bit emotional, Hualiu light: “Jaap adults, this is beautiful Union allies as well as a list of all industries, some of them specially marked off, is the recruitment of the people, the son ordered me to tell adults, Qing Wang things over, Fairview Union by an adult free to dispose of it. ”
Jaap Yuan Feng sudden contraction of the pupil, from the heart, he noticed the slightest chill, though if he had just said Zhe Jiang act, must be very decisive, but he also believes Zhe Jiang ally but the list will produce Fairview Union Bale, but Fairview Union control industry but it will be his bag, for this, Jaap Yuan Feng has already decided not to intervene, not only because it is taken for granted Zhe Jiang deserve reward, there is a reason, if the river Zhe possession of these industries, then the human confessions through Fairview Union, Jaap Yuan peaks can be confident that he can to get the list of industries most beautiful Union, then by monitoring these industries, we can Zhe Jiang monitor their real strength, which is not the intention of Jaap Yuan Feng Zhe Jiang and embarrassed, but take into consideration possible future needs, Jaap Yuan Feng does not want to have any influence in the large Yong to escape their eyes. But he never imagined, Zhe Jiang have named all industries together to give up, go bee scorpion into the Huai respective solutions, snake bite arm ton output capacity, he even did not leave any gaps can allow himself to penetrate. This will never be, so Jaap Yuan Feng even some regret their past decisions, Zhe Jiang Could see through his own selfishness, but see through what his intentions, so it not for no reason can not match forged a great hatred.
Fairview Union within close rudder, Chen Zhen and Dong missing are Italian state leisurely tea, Chen Zhen said: “Jaap Yuan Feng certainly very surprised son’s decision.”
Dong missing: “The son pass the letter said Jaap Yuan Feng reminded him, Fairview Union really inconvenient to retain in the hands of the son of the meaning, so we will be working all industries present silver all away, as the manpower Fairview Union let us leave all after filtering Jaap Yuan Feng disposal, but I did not accept such a cheap Jaap Yuan Feng, always give him some trouble to be able to compensate for our loss. ”
Chen Zhen slowly: “Fairview Union which we naturally want to withdraw their staff, those recalcitrant allies can all their loyalty, but how do these people Gu Ning, although they also have anti-sense, but, after all, relatively modest, have their existence can better control the rebellion Shu forces, and several of his younger also have to give up Zionist mean if be killed, I’m afraid but self-defeating and you want to give Jaap Yuan Feng leave some trouble, may have any ideas, son may agree to it  ”
Dong lack smiled and said: “How can they not agree with it son  son between the lines though I see very light tone, but there is dissatisfaction with meaning, is necessarily want to give some lessons Jaap Yuan Feng, the son, but most do not like being threatened , as a means of retaliation for what, I do have an idea  “Here, Dong lack lowered his voice, said something, Chen Zhen hear the eyes of coldness radiance, and realized it said:” Good idea to do both, either tie him to those Zionist forces, so that they can not pretend to succeed, and secondly can also cause some trouble Jaap Yuan Feng, the future of these things are not too fell on his head. ”
they reconsidered has been set, Chen Zhen laughed: “I am over the overall situation needs Chencang there, tonight I will lay hands on, as Nanzheng, depends on your means of ”
Dong lack of light: “Do not worry, I will take care of self.”
Chen Zhen was about to speak, the door came a cold voice said: “Gu Ning asked to see the chief and deputy chief.” Chen Zhen and Dong lack of a laugh, his eyes showed the same meaning, which is not to say Cao Cao went to it
Dong missing quickly picked up a ghost wearing a mask, revealing only one pair of eyes Chill, Chen Zhen is ready to see him, opened her mouth, and said: “Gu law enforcement can have anything ”
stone door opened, Gu Ning strode in, pale as snow, and he did not salute, they looked coldly said: “In this Gumou one, regardless of how to dispose of two are no complaints, just put me a few a baby a way out. ”
Dong lack of mind to understand and know that this is his son was missing Gu Ying Gu Ning finally reached the ears, to say Gu Ning League after all, is deeply rooted in Fairview, Chen Zhen has been ordered to conceal the news, but still got Gu Ning the wind. He and Chen Zhen Simuxiangdui, feel this is the best time to coercion. Chen Zhen pretending to be puzzled and said: “Gu Custodian of yore, and your son disappeared for no reason, the seat has ordered a thorough search, but no news, Gu Ling Sheng and law enforcement in the EU doctrine adopted son son Huo Yi side, safe worry, Gu Custodian What does it mean to say  ”
Gu Ning is already despair, he threw himself slumped, lifeless tone, said: “deputy chief and why should it be said that Gumou well aware, chief since the outset Gumou disgruntled, but unpopular then chief Gumou best to prevent power control fills the day Gumou also did not selfishness just see the chief for being too radical and hurt innocent people, this is the Lord repeatedly blocked the door, although chief will prepare custody death Gu Ning, GU Ning is nothing to say. Later chief arrogant Yong returned mercy let Gumou Gumou family are grateful, and later see the chief planning properly, Fairview Union flourishing, Gumou also sincerely rejoice, though because the old chief Resentment will Gumou idle Gumou also willingly. few days ago I do not agree with the chief and co-Qing Wang is no selfishness, chief ordered me some baby were transferred to open Gumou is only fate, but my English child childhood mother died, thanks to one person I brought up this chief on his hands, surely will not miss Yan children and violent children, Gu Ning willing to die for them, just the chief mercy, let them fend for themselves Go. ”
Chen Zhen faint smile, the heart, How do you know Gu Ying should not listen but hear something, if not I ordered him to pay attention Gu Ying Luo Jianfei, can not let him out of control, do not let him get killed, Luo Jianfei forced sword mercy spared his life, you are now to intercede is late, but it can take advantage of this opportunity to force him to do a thing. On Dong missing a wink, indicating he began, Dong lack of knowing, coldly: “Gu law enforcement, you have repeatedly and embarrass the seat, the seat does not blame you, if you are able to do a thing, I’ll spare Several of your baby’s life. ”
Gu Ning slight smile, said: “Kingpin Please commanded.”
Dong missing and said: “You know, now posthumous Meng Qing Shu Wang Xu Zun-based, his term of office regent, but went through the motions, only those pedants will believe the sincerity of Qing Wang, Qing Wang mean, want to wait until he came back , do not see the puppet, so dropping the name of regicide, I will arrange for you to close Meng Xu, then kill him, I can guarantee that you will be alive and well younger. ”
Gu Ning stunned, his face became gloomy, blue veins Beng move, his eyes flashed a look of struggle, a long while before: “under obeyed.”
Qianzou Gu Ning, Chen Zhen laughed: “You say that a bent Zionist loyalty of the people, will make things regicide what ”
Dong missing faint Cn: “What does it matter, no matter how he did, and what we have related ”
two to smile, are exposed Conspiracy look.

maneuvers thirtieth fifth chapter parting
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North Han trapped in the wild, fighting hard ten days, I want to break out of the fight to the death and resistance are Yong Jun, Yong military contingent eager nor break between North Han matrix.
April 18, the North Han rations do, is to kill horses for food, dawn of the occasion, to divide our forces to break through, war is fixed.
- “Mirror Yong Ji three
What is a hero stranger, what is the impasse, dragon fly Chambers sighed softly, campaign for many years, never had such a perilous situation, but longting fly surprised to find that he had not the slightest fluctuations in mood turned from found himself besieged by Yong Jun moment, he clearly heard heart strings tight collapse Flanagan breaking voice. He really too tired, all these years, almost single-handedly supporting the overall situation of the North Han, opposite endless enemies and gritty, humble in victory, defeat is not hungry, almost rubbed off abruptly angular and his fighting spirit, leaning against arm’s henchmen generals die dead, rebel’s rebel, and now he is left alone, it is concluded personally mandarin duck lovers Union pulled into a corner, their own way fear is gone to an end, the dragon fly hearts to understand court, this time there will not be any hope of escape.
Yong ambush army has rallied together with the King of Qi cavalry, more than ten million four hundred thousand North Han army trapped in the wilderness, the two sides battle force and there is no absolute difference, do not pay a heavy sacrifice, absolutely can not break through. Qinzhouhuang narrow terrain, you want to break out only to Ji’s and Zezhou both directions is possible, but if the direction of the breakout Zezhou, Dragon Court is afraid to fly, who knew no opportunity to return to the North Han, the enemy occupy a strong, one’s own choice is extremely limited, in this case, ten days, dragon fly and LIN Bi personally planned court several times to break through, but unfortunately out of the army because of intent, each breakout are Yong Jun the resistance, leaving countless soldiers empty flesh, Qinshui sobs, rivers of blood, getting pinched in Yong military encirclement, and even soil were soaked with blood.
shabby camps and sit on the floor and torches dim light shining on Long thin gaunt face court on the fly, giving rise compared to the former, and now look dragon fly in court with indifference and solitude, only slightly pair Bise eyes still flashed with light, just caring people can be seen, and the arrogance of the world arrogance different front, his eyes full of light among the world situation Ming Wu and inexplicable pathos.
off-balance heard footsteps, Long Ting Fei did not look up, still looking at Xiao Tong personally drawn sketch, top record army scout risking his own life to the Yong military deployment exploratory map. Some went into the tent, standing in front of him, the fire in the future the human figure dragged very long shadow blocking the fly in front of the map of Dragon Court. Flying Dragon Court slight frown, raised his head, winking his eye pupil of the fire is mapped to the depths of the human figure is also mapped to the future in his eyes. Dark green armor, Jinfeng brocade cloak, that person is the LIN Bi.
LIN Bi also haggard a lot, once vibrant the color looks more weathered, above the bloodstained robes, imperious princess’s identity, but now it is a blood-stained shirt, dragon fly hearts burst Court desolation, he lightly: “Bi Princess can have anything  ”
LIN Bi gently shook his head, sitting opposite fly Dragon Court will first cicada being buried in his hands, long before: “just Yong military bow and arrow to letters to my camp.”
longting fly light: “presumably capitulate it, these days I have received a lot of camps this letter, if not my many attempts to boost morale, I’m afraid our army inevitably troupe.”
LIN Bi Hanmang eyes flashed, and said: “not capitulate, is to tell the army, barbarian invasion behalf of the state, massive, I Corinthians Cheng Wani two army attack, unfortunately, in the Man Jun trick, desperate to kill brother bleeding road, toting dozen arrows died in Yanmenguan, the father of relapse, the military rudderless. ”
longting fly just feel my heart Juzhen, good vicious scheming, whether this letter say is true or false, on behalf of the state Junjun heart inevitably shaken, he was weak authentic: “This is probably the enemy trick.”
LIN Bi faint smile, a smile was full of grief means, she cold channel: “I also hope that the enemy conspiracy, but even a conspiracy, it has succeeded, and now I’m already jittery soldiers in the camp, that I-San Cheng Shan, four brothers Cheng Yuan is the total loss of war, not to mention I’m afraid the news is true, this letter was specifically addressed to me the King of Qi Xian, and other letters are different, the above things will be said on behalf of the state is very detailed , Xian will not deceive me with false words. “he finished,

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October 31st, 2013

Lord. ”
Zheng leisure respectfully said: “Your Majesty Holy Spirit, on behalf of the state forest home although there are suspected separatist, but generations are faithful Wang Shi’s good will, and no ambition, if pacify, surely is the northern barrier, but if you want to Lin Guixiang, The best or nothing, after landing in North Kingship room, making North Ayanushi write books capitulate, if the army arrives to, on behalf of the state to rise up against the military necessity, if the warring armies suffered heavy losses, is not conducive to the future on behalf of the state to appease. ”
Li Zhi said: “Zhen Yi, too, this time I decided to expedition, although there are intended to lure the enemy, but the primary purpose is the overall pacification of the North Han, King of Qi though heroic, but never indifferent to the government, with the cloud frail, bear tired, after all sorts of affairs Pinghan multitude, are required to decide I got. ”
expedition for Li Zhi, Zheng leisure and others not opposed, do not say this is a big Yong Li Zhi of the Army of God, but of course things victorious expedition is to the King of Qi, Li Zhi went to the North Han battlefield is more beneficial than detrimental, this Although the King of Qi combat record is not significant, but if not his body scraped into the trap to lure the North Han, there will not be the present situation, until the King of Qi Han annihilate the North, you can go north Jinyang, break the North Han capital, so the credit, too heavy for the King of Qi. If Li Zhi personally directed the pacification of the North Han for the final battle, whether it is large or on the King of Qi Yong, are more appropriate means of disposal. Moreover, Li Zhi expedition also lure the snake out of the role, rather than let the big Dongchuan Qing Wang Yung most vulnerable time to launch an attack, it is better to let him in the court chosen more appropriate time to launch an attack.
being Morohito Li Zhi and discuss matters expedition when Song evening quietly walked into the hall, bearing on a secret fold, Li Zhi took over after a Xuan Jian Mei, said: “Jaap Zhezi, where he had already arrangements in place, ready to be launched, which is to consult I came. ”
hear Jaap Yuan Feng’s name, the crowd could not help but frown slightly, although in recent years Jaap Yuan Feng has become a confidant of Emperor Yong, but this old jade Fengshen handsome young minds in the crowd had already become dark shadows, Jaap Yuan Feng insidious means Henla also makes many people have criticized, but the public will see the Secretary’s position in the hearts of the people of Li Zhi is known, and there behind Jaap Yuan Feng Zhe Jiang’s shadow. While Secretary Jiang Zhe did not intervene Reflection for things, but this past Jaap Yuan Feng Zhe Jiang Touxiao by Yong Wang, and his deputy Liu Hua Jiang Zhe is a confidant of the old squire, Jaap Yuan Feng is overtly or covertly, Zhe Jiang great respect, so everyone would have him as a faint Zhe Jiang a series of forces.
Even so, I heard about the biggest hidden henchman is cleared, all surfaces are exposed satisfied look, Li Zhi secret fold down, but with a touch of anxiety hearts, Jaap Yuan Feng folded inside dense hinted Zhe Jiang will take the opportunity to take over the the secret of the old Shu forces. In Li Zhi Conscience, when Dongchuan fall into his grasp, he does not want to have independent forces beyond his control exist, and Fairview Union, regardless of Zhe Jiang extent of this power to control how, after all, a rebel organization, Li Zhi only concern is whether this will cause dissatisfaction Jiang Zhe it

fifth maneuvers Chapter XXIX ton output capacity
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April 15, Taizong of Tongguan, flags indicated, all lookout and escape, like gangbusters.
same day, Qing Wang Yu Nanzheng pledging revolted, Li Shu Wang Meng Xu posthumous master for the country, vowing to restore Shu, Shu leftover hundreds of old, all tears all, bow worship service.
April 16, Qing Wang breaks loose off, the world is shaking.
- “Mirror Yong Ji three
scattered off the city, the Qing Wang Li Kang Yi Jia distinctive sergeant looked at the city, are not issued a heartfelt smile, all these years of operation, together with coercion, and finally the big Yong Zhezhi firmly in control in the hands of the army, together with Dongchuan wealthy private soldiers assembled consisting of fifty thousand troops, Dongchuan Yongjun 150,000, enough to occupy the foundation of a large Yong – Guanzhong, the former large selection attack Shu Yong, big factor is because Shu occupied Hanzhong ground, according to yangpingguan, just break loose off, you can enter Guanzhong. Such threats make big Yong court moment felt his head hanging edged sword, though Shu royal bent seek security, we can not eliminate the large Yong of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, now easily get their scattered off, there are scattered off the West, East Jia Meng Off, master Dongchuan fertile land, you can get off the win, laid the foundation for the empire, defeat can be retreated Dongchuan, sit on the sidelines feudal strife, compared with the throne forever as a large insulated Prince Yong, this is their dream achievement.
is Lee Kang imagination, when behind him came a soft and sweet voice said: “Royal Highness, chill, how can one put on undefined status send your cloak.”
Lee Kang a warm heart, go back, and she saw a young woman came to their own Su Yi, although because of the army’s sake, this young woman who is very simple and elegant dress, blue ink in general the cloud Lo Wu Si York bun, with only a gold ring beam at the bottom, graceful posture, actions such as willow, looks beautiful, just like the lotus pool, natural beauty is enough Empress Dowager. That young woman smiling, Lian ren a ceremony, Lee Kang Chanqi her hand, smiled and said: “Big is too careful, the king himself strong, this little cold spell, where what cloak it ” Woman Chen Dao: “Royal Highness adjutant busy Mubujiaojie, undefined status incompetent help, naturally, only dedication, care prince’s body, but the daughter of princes of the body, if affected by the cold, would not impede the cause. “When he finished, from behind a brilliant clothing maid dressed in white hands to take over for Lee Kang Shu brocade cloak hands tied, and that cloak embroidered with golden brave, lifelike, Lee Kang smiled and let this woman tested. The woman fastened cloak, inadvertently looked up and saw Lee Kang eyes overflowing tenderness, Yuyan flushers, bow and said: “undefined status retire, please princes treasure body.” Yanba turned to leave, although Lee Kang miss her by his side, but now the military affairs in the body, and set off with a concubine is already quite wrong, if their love them again, I’m afraid that impede the military, so he just watched concubine leave.
in that young woman is about to step down from the tower, when a young hurriedly took the usual appearance, saw the young woman, youth avoid the side line of a ceremony, the young woman smiling nod, with a maid to go down, the young man then joined Qing Wang in front of intrinsic said: “Royal Highness, scattered off within the army have all been controlled, all captured Yong Jun have been locked up, but after a trial that weekend, scattered gatekeeper Tzung-Shiun Li has been at the time of breaking off escape, have not seen a trace of Reflection for the Secretary, will need to send troops to kill princes, San Guan Xian Guan active lieutenant, still waiting for prince summoned. ”
Lee Kang eyes flashed a look of regret, said: “Unfortunately, Tzung-Shiun Li is also a good will, is well known for scattered off, if his kill, can save a lot of trouble, Reflection for Division had been masters of interest to avoid flooding harm, escape is also not unusual, but this time you should buy inside, collaborated broke loose off, Reflection for Division will be subject to heavy responsibility, it is enough. “Fairview Union for achievement, Lee Kang satisfied, first cut off and in Dongchuan pathway, to make himself firmly in the hands of the Dongchuan power control, and through coercion, bribed scattered off lieutenant, making himself effortlessly get scattered off, so the credit finally put down the Li Kang League final for Fairview hint of wariness.
time, Ye Tianxiu rush came, he was a confidant of Lee Kang, Kang Li was appointed as the thorn rape, will be specially monitored military school, and now celebrate the king’s army under the command from the old Sichuan wealthy private soldiers and a large army Yong composition, conflicts have arisen, the military is also quite unstable place, so Ye Tianxiu very busy, celebrate the king’s secret spy who had almost all in it, after all, one is more likely to trust his own and Lee Kang selection of personnel, and secondly so also allows Fairview Union believe the sincerity of Li Kang, more dedication, to say this is the external intelligence exploratory Fairview Union’s strengths, of course, Lee Kang also retains a secret intelligence forces against Chang. In addition, Lee Kang know very well, in this troubled times, only the hand of military power in order to secure as ever, so his full control of the military, and only strong military power, do not worry about the old Sichuan Union forces and Fairview have anything wrong.
Lee Kang listen Ye Tianxiu generals case report, the satisfaction authentic: “Heaven show you worked hard, and now I’m afraid our intelligence uprising had spread Chang’an, although Li Zhi expedition to go, although Fu Huang has not governing, but there Li Jun supervise the country, stone ? Colonial, more Qin Yi and Cheng Shu Chang these veteran, army can only proceed step by step, I have decided to personally rate Jungong Chencang, there is now the North Han Yong war against big disadvantage, I’d like to See how both sides Yong Ting enemy. ”
Ye Tianxiu to hear Lee Kang Yong Yong Ting called big court, knowing princes and large-Yong has been thoroughly unsympathetic absolute justice, in fact, Lee Kang Ye Tianxiu mind does not want to do so, as the big Prince Yong, wealth and power is already the world rare, why should revolted rebellion, but he was deeply Lee Kang autobiography, also refused to take any righteousness, and Lee Kang voice down, Ye Tianxiu sidewalk: “Chencang defender Yin Li Zhi confidant prison but love will, to be used with caution, good at defenders, Chencang afraid hard to attack. ”
Li Kang said: “might do, Fairview Union assassin has been mixed Chencang, simply wait until the cover of being too exhausted when we attack, we can Xunxi the female prison assassination, to the time Chencang inevitable confusion, we can break the fortified city. again Now I’m afraid most of Yung Ting’s mind on the North Han, here I’m afraid attend to it, it touches us take Chencang after Weinan into the soldiers after the guard Sanqin that several hundred thousand troops would probably push back. ”
Yetian Xiu said: “I’m afraid of Public Qinlao letter and to the army generals would, Qinlao veteran generals, are very much the military, and I’m afraid we are difficult to win.”
Lee Kang sneered: “Qin Yi already old, since the Qin Qing’s death, this person elan totally disappeared, has been less concern, say longting fly forces such as God, beat Li Xian, Li Zhi is gone, it can turn the tide We need more consumption on some days, will be able spoils that we return the cover of last resort, but also enough to comfort. ”
listen Shangguan Yan secret report, the Huo Yi hearts birth faint sarcasm, Lee Kang played wishful thinking, mantis stalks the cicada, oriole in the post I do not know, he turns everything around us has been penetrated, the North Han aspects Reflection for outstanding achievements Division will Jinyang and Dongchuan intelligence truncated, even occasionally some news came over, also relying on their own side of Fairview Union forces in the Qing Wang intercepted aspects of Qing Wang Chang’an intelligence channels have fallen into the public will see is the Secretary monitoring, a steady stream of disinformation to celebrate the king has some get carried away, totally forget their opponents is a terrible character.
Shangguan Yan Huo Yi looked slightly mocking smile, hearts burst freezing cold, a few days ago where he gets a message from a foster parent, Yi Di Gu Ying suddenly disappeared, he and Bear storm much deliberation, feel righteous brother is probably Chen Zhen, who fell into the control of the so-called missing but in order to more closely control the forces of Bale Gu Ning, who had insinuated asked Huo Yi, but it is only get meaningful smile, desperation, he is not dare to violate Huo defined commands. Inside, only this one biological son, if some damage, so how they can feel at ease, even Huo Yi quirky command again, he did not dare to disobey and bears storms, even as the guards let him in when monitoring Qing Wang moves. Huo Yi looked pensive countenance, Shangguan Yan gradually sinking into the mind just feel sad, when he can get rid of these terrible figures, when he was able to resume a quiet life, Zionist this elusive thing why should their give everything, now called Zionist but is tied to a large Yong Shu infighting chariot, he does not know what is the meaning.
Huo Yan Yi Qianzou Shangguan, pale and become darkened, although now everything is going smoothly, but the thought of Chen Zhen the news, his mind could not help but give birth to kill, Jaap Yuan Feng what made this request without Fairview Union , Reflection for Division Dongchuan what can be so smooth, now booing, he actually be burning bridges, if not I do not know son think of it, he would have wanted to Jaap Yuan Feng fell out. Strong pressure hearts of anger, Huo Yi Qing Wang again thought into who inadvertently eyes flash, saw a shadow prime walked to the city wall, presumably to invite who Ms. Song Qing Wang go to dinner now.
think the Ms. Song, Huo Yi hearts birth irritability meaning, in fact, speaking the Ms. Song virtuous gentle, but also an excellent hand embroidery skills, Qing Wang of their loved very, though because Ms. Song no children, no Fei Jin-bit side, but Ms. Song Qing Wang will be the moment close at hand, that is, to send troops, too, will know the love of their pet Qing Wang. And no ordinary woman who Ms. Song’s affectation, treat their subordinates these Qing Wang etiquette thoughtful, graceful, but Huo Yi has always think this woman is very heavy pressure to bring their own. Her eyes bright eyes sparkling youthful look to their own general, always with trust and pleading, seems to want to celebrate their dedication assisted the king, and her smile is so lovely a word, let Huo Yi hearts no reason to give birth feeling of danger. If the hands of time, you need to kill the Ms. Song, this is Howard’s decision righteous mind, he always felt that Ms. Song will be his biggest obstacle.
Song Shadow looked up at the city and saw the appearance of Lee Kang spirits, are not stopped, although already was exhausted Lent, but because the school Wu’s sake, Lee Kang Hui looks still like thirty people, but more a little vicissitudes of the deep, handsome looks even more hearts birth admiration of the heart. Never thought I would love a man enamored Song shadow lips reveal a faint smile. When aged 15 and Ji, he was elected as the superior embroidery done Shang Yi Shu Gong female officer, Shu Wang loved Ms. Jin Lian, on their own did not, while he also despised lethargic Shu Wang, so watery Love goes empty. Originally thought to be spent this life, who knows Shu perish, Yong Wang ordered the severance Sichuan Palace ladies, is also home to yourself.  trees Fen pressure , unwilling for the laity wives, therefore he chose alone, but in the uncle’s feast, and that they saw the Qing Wang Li Kang. Still remember the early meet, Lee Kang Shining eyes that, even after Lee Kang and his idea of ​​trying to meet, just to obtain his promise to marry. See has a heart with promise, so cherish finally make their move the heart, moving the situation, although Lee Kang because of the situation, the inconvenience will be established as a side Fei himself to avoid falling marriage and family drifted Dongchuan, but countless times Passions in the anterior ear to talk, let her become more intoxicated.
Song shadow figure looked quite steep, underground passage in mind, such a person should stand at the top of thousands of people, even if the road ahead again and obstacles, but also to accompany his peers, never betray. See Lee Kang turned to his gentle smile, Song also reveal sweet shadow smile, walked to a beloved husband, Lee Kang seems to have felt looked up to, the two connecting hands, no longer separated.
Chencang city at the moment, the atmosphere is tense and hot, where the soldiers celebrate the king heard about the rebellion in the news, from the heart of wrath, what people celebrate the king, the royal family and nobles, master Dongchuan military and political power, ten ten thousand cavalry, but actually in this time of treason, and now the war in the North Han bad news has spread faint Chencang army, the emperor expedition, Changan emptiness, Qing Wang’s rebellion as worse, it makes all the soldiers are not curb hate birth meaning, we must rely on the cover of Kennedy Town, let Panchen Zeizi further east, it is the wish of all the soldiers.
and Chencang soldiers tension and anger compared to the home after being Chencang Taishou Fu is some calm scene here has long been the public will see the Secretary expropriation, Jaap Yuan Feng became commanding place.
within in a Floral Hall, Jaap Yuan peak standing at the window, looking out the window smiling new willow Tau, behind him, a Huiyi scribes being fired off letters to deal with some of the documents, the room was filled with a tension that yet relaxed atmosphere contradiction. Long while, holding the text that swept away Huiyi scribes came, and said: “Your honor, please have a look.” Jaap Yuan Feng took the documents, browse again, back to the case before the book signing pledge seal. Instruments that will be accountable Huiyi scribes go back to the hall, see Jaap Yuan Feng

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October 31st, 2013

Has shuaibing departure, Duan Xuan invincible relent from this also determined that some of the Yong army in military, but declared loose almost speechless after waking up, although not intended to commit suicide, but it totally did not yield the heart, the segment is invincible adjutant busy declared pine is injury healed, it does not work in this. But now the military is unknown, there can be no leniency paragraph invincible, was the idea of ​​trying to be declared relent from that Yong military secrets in it.
looked pale Xuan loose some trance segment invincible, his mind had come to understand this person, although in this prison being not see the light, but according to the number of times you can know about diet day, plus his time injured coma , surely now the North Han has been into the V of the bar, it seems invincible segment now has not been accurate intelligence, but found nothing wrong. Escaped from the battlefield, declared loose heart in addition to deplore sergeant to die outside, no martyrdom death of the heart, because when the King of Qi Pro to that sentence, if able to return Yong Jun, humiliation is worth it even if by some , but if the North Han generals thought out from his mouth to ask what the military, but never expect that, although her wing into battle again seeking, but not at the generation is afraid to die. Thought here, declared the opening song: “The declaration of a section of generals can know why linger so far ”
segment invincible mind a move, said: “want to declare a certain segment of the generals who are not knees, necessarily want to re-see the big Yong flags.”
declared pine smile: “The art of war declared by a familiar since childhood, but mediocre martial arts, Tai Yong army had the heaviest riding and shooting martial arts, so would like to declare a leader in battle though, but having no chance, also declared a good luck, first to join the army under General Jing Chi, Jing Chi General temper open-minded, do not care about decentralization, which allows to declare a leader, and later get jianjun adults and appreciated Highness the King of Qi, Qin Ze a war, declared a world were moving, this made a general. Zhefan hard-won fame, declared the idea of ​​a mind forever recollections, so the day fire dragon generals Qinshui Xuanmou Ming know narrow escape, still led his army to die. ”
segment Invincible frowned: “In fact, the day of your Royal Highness the King of Qi has led his army to flee, you miss retreat, why not surrender, but declared generals stubborn to make twenty thousand warriors died in flames, declared General heartless  ”
declared loose light: “Section General remark poor men, although the day is acceptable knees Qiming, but my big Yong greed afraid of dying warriors blessing for the people, and if so, I’m afraid though alleys to the world, but it is no longer face see people. Some things is the case, it segments among generals desperate will to spare the lives of men and surrender sergeant what  ”
segment invincible silent, if he can be so, why and large Yong hard battle, knowing that unfavorable situation, but still tried to deal untold suffering one hundred, some things seem just a step back, but that step is not ultimately compromise . He also Ming Bai Xuansong implication is do not expect anything from the military asked out of his mouth, but this is the only way, so how can he give up lightly, much deliberation, only insinuations, hoping to learn more about some clues . Thought here, invincible paragraph respectfully said: “is a segment of a rash, and declared loyalty of generals but men would self-contamination, do not want to look for a certain segment disappointed, but this place is not suitable and recuperate, a section of the Italy, please declare generals to leave behind and recuperate, I do not know how to respect the meaning  ”
declared pine circuitous wanted to know he was just acting, he is unwilling, it is difficult to stop him kindness, not to mention he is not a pedantic person, so just smiled and said: “Such a declaration will thank.”
segment invincible heart micro hi, so janissaries will declare support out of the dungeon loose, to his residence, look for a one bedroom shut tight against loose and recuperate so declared, whether or not to soften this anti-people, but the hearts of the tribute, was enough to Let paragraph invincible done so.
Unfortunately, the bad news came too fast, when the scouts return to the south appear Yong Ji’s army army generals have been around long when the segment is almost invincible stunned, fidgeting will all be able to get intelligence to read it again, invincible paragraph but to find that the only North Han military maneuver has been trapped, but his hand is only tens of thousands of infantry, defenders still, you want to help but it is powerless. He just felt covered all of the air force seems to have been this bad news rout, stared thought for a moment, he ordered a blockade of the message, and immediately it is the main secret patriotic military here, enhance Qinyuan defense, and then do everything he can do finished, he walked into the loose house arrest declared residence.
declared at the moment has changed clean loose robes, leaning resting on the soft fall injuries, paragraph invincible walked in, he was holding an ancient look with relish. Paragraph invincible hear footsteps, he raised his head and saw the segment invincible somber, his eyes reveals Chill intended to kill the heart of a dynamic, guess may be trapped in the North Han military return, put down books, declared pine faint said: “Duan generals look uneasy, but in front of something wrong ”
Duan Xuan looked invincible deeply loose one, said: “propaganda but the army generals generals, they have to trust the Chu Xiang Hou, does not know today than what ”
declared pine lightly: “Chu Xiang Hou Zhi-Shen Yong Shen, chest possession million hoplite, how can I know his plan, but if the operator of the temple, the North Han junior controlled unmanned his rival, despite forces such as major general God, but is limited to the situation in troops, even ten battle nine wins, this last defeat was tilting country. ”
segment invincible strikes the hearts of a pain, there is still a trace of the original illusions shattered without a trace, he hold his waist sword, sword will wait in front of the people killed, but a long time, he finally subsided Murder, coldly: “General with one hundred thousand cavalry, another Jia Pinggong main assistant, though trapped, but it is not easy to be eaten, war does not necessarily turn, still not happy too early to declare the general good.”
declared pine eyes of coldness flash, said: “General Qingqi far attack, but a maximum of two days around forage, do not know can support a few days ”
segment invincible eyes flashed luck, to get away from his intelligence, military encirclement in Yong Before responsible for transporting baggage forage water has entered the military encirclement, and the army and the dragon fly confluence court, although navy impossible to Win, but Dragon fly around at least a half court forage, if save some, you can further delay some time, although the North Han trapped, but not without hope of breakthrough. He certainly did not want these things just right Xuansong Ming Yan, but in order to continue to set out some of the intelligence section invincible taunt authentic: “General forage around the adequacy of generals do not bother to declare labor, but Yong Tai army light out, although far side horizon But now this is well known, I’m afraid Yong Tai will regret. ”
know he declared loose guide Chu eyeing dark and Dongchuan instability of things, but how to deal with these things Quefei his knowledge, so just smiled and said: “on behalf of the state army south, I do not know how Yanmen situation ”
segment invincible a lag, on behalf of the state of tension, which he is not clear, but he can not do anything the matter, thought here, Duan invincible help a slight smile, thought of themselves to be but an ordinary general, difficult to control the overall situation, and now the situation erosion Thus, even conceding their only main country can do is to help, and try to hold Qinyuan city Bale.
looked invincible segment is slightly sad when leaving the back, declared pine faint smile, he knew this person’s mind, just north of the Han building the dump, can be a blessing for several handedly turn the tide, but do not know whether there is hope alive, maybe the North Han court order firm and uncompromising aspirations, will order the sounding of the cut is not necessarily own it.
large empire Yong, Zhao Taiwan Pavilion, the yellow charging Ai yellow glass very happy, bright yellow stitch embroidered robes, these days she is quite the emperor loved, often graced her effort this is no assertive woman, early give up on past anguish Every day she just racking their brains to please Li Zhi, hoping for some of the more pampered Bale.
embroidery in her breath, her confidential maid Chan child holding refreshments came in, saw yellow charge Ai dedicated look, her eyes flashed contempt, but turned into a smile, stepped forward to salute and said: “Goddess embroidered more superb work, which is to rags and Yunlong really fly, the emperor met will certainly be very happy. ”
charge Ai yellow light laugh: “I can not compare this embroidered fur little cousin, cousin but old Sichuan embroidery work first, she embroidered robes is vivid yet.”
being said here, the door came a hearty laugh and said: “is it, IFE is too modest, and I looked at your embroidery work is already very good.”
yellow glass happily raised his head, just saw Li Zhi came in behind him followed Song late, she quickly stepped forward to salute, Li Zhi was a Chanqi. Li Zhi took half embroidered robes and watching the above fine embroidery work, while and said: “how, your cousin embroidery work better than you what ”
Ambilight yellow glass eyes, and said: “That is, of course, the world is four famous embroidery, embroidery first person but South Chu Gu embroidered mother, but the first person Embroidery large Yong Xue Ling clothing, but Southern Fujian Fujian and green embroidered smoke, Shu embroidery first cousin who is Chenqie Song Ying, who came along with cousin Chenqie learned embroidery, but far less talented talent, if cousin Yong Du, Chenqie must beg her to embroider a robe for the emperor . ”
Li Zhi thoughtfully authentic: “Min embroidery, the more smoke, but the East China Sea Hou bride it ”
yellow glass eyes flashed confusion of color, said: “I do not know Chenqie, just listen to people say that South Fujian and smoke, like most fake embroidered calligraphy, pen style just like the original meaning, but Miss Vietnam but the door lady, very few works , if able to get one, often does not reveal the treasure, so Chenqie turned out to be not seen. ”
Li Zhi said: “Indeed, if I think of the people, is pretty easy, so she sent an inevitable future embroidery to you, but your cousin is famous embroidery, do not know now what ”
yellow glass face changed, and steal a look of Li Zhi, bow their heads and said: “Chenqie cousin originally Shu Zhu Shang-yi female officer, Sichuan sent home after the death two years ago to celebrate the princes into Fuchu.”
Li Zhi’s brow inadvertently Qingzhou a moment and said: “So, Song late Qing Wang Fei positive Fei side can have this woman ”
Song looked yellow glass one night, said: “Intrinsic emperor, not this woman, presumably this woman just celebrate His Royal Highness King Shiqie identity, so people were not letting our government.”
Li Zhi nodded, smiled and said: “might do, another day I decreed side to Song Fei higher status is.”
yellow glass rejoicing, bowed and said: “Chenqie Kouxie emperor on behalf of sister Grace.”
Li Zhi Chanqi her, see her radiant bright, infinite joy, heart is a soft, her gently into her arms, yellow glass body weakness, pale blush, Song Chan children play gooseberry late and pushed out. The occasion being two feelingly, Song nights suddenly looks nervously rushed Koushou said: “The emperor, there are eight hundred years Zezhou rush to announce his military intelligence.”
chagrin Li Zhi’s face replaced immediately shock tolerance, loosen the yellow glass, but also attend concubines or in the palace, took the army newspaper approached, a glance, body crumbling, looking even more pale as snow, long while stormed out, Song late rush to keep up. Yellow glass shocked, and quickly knelt to send Li Zhi leave. Wait until after the departure of Li Zhi, Chan children frightened, came and asked: “Goddess, how furious emperor left, could serve the empress ill ”
yellow glass shook his head: “No, the emperor suddenly received Zezhou bankbook, so go and see the emperor look, presumably in front of what angered the emperor.”
Sim children look for a move, said: “the empress, the emperor such troubles, the empress may wish to inquire about, to avoid accidentally touching speech emperor’s mind.”
yellow glass distressed authentic: “But how to find out it the palace, the palace if this kind of thing too hard for fear of being blamed Queen Goddess.”
Chan children laughed and said: “This is what is difficult, the empress was not grateful for what the Queen’s love, we might now see the Queen Goddess, said the emperor sudden anger big hair, you are concerned about the emperor was furious body, seeking about Queen Goddess Qu Tanwen , wait until afterwards to ask the Queen Goddess is anything not on the line, the Queen Goddess compassion and kind, certainly not without the knowledge of the empress. ”
yellow glass I thought, too, got up and said: “You wait on the house dressing, which the whereabouts of the Palace of the Queen Goddess greeting.” Chan children overjoyed, quickly stepped forward to help the yellow glass dressing, just yellow glass but can not see the mouth of the wicked smile Chan children.
until the yellow glass from the back of the Queen’s palace, it is already sad looking, she was facing the Chan children complained: “Fengyun how good Zezhou and defeated, I heard that the military appeared on behalf of the state, His Royal Highness the King of Qi retreat ten miles, and was a fire burned fiasco, it seems there is a general independent rear even dead or alive, His Royal Highness the King of Qi is not what a few of the star, as well as intellect who said Jiang consort help, but lost too so miserable, Queen Goddess said the emperor is convening minister of state, ready to personally expedition, alas, but the emperor million gold of the body, why should expedition it, but the court is not without generals, although generals sent out a few days ago against the Sun South Chu, but they are not there Qin generals what  ”
Chan children consoled: “The empress, the emperor Yung first big front but will, if the expedition, must be off the ground, the empress If not sooner robes embroidered good, if have managed to make the time to put the emperor expedition, that nice ah. ”
yellow glass listened nodded, quickly picked up the unfinished robes began Feizhenzouxian, Chan children see her dedication and attend to their own, they quietly go out and subterfuge went to the imperial kitchen, night, Li Zhi’s upcoming expedition Intelligence pass went Dongchuan.
Wenhua addition, since several of the DPRK and minister of state just go after all the chamberlain and the maids were expelled Dianwai, these people are trembling, who does not know the emperor in the hall just furious, enraged emperor if at the moment, only afraid of life worrying, even in the eyes of the Lord enlightened ruler who these people’s lives is nothing but cheap if ants fills the emperor’s anger, is no trivial matter. These people have never imagined, within Wenhua not as they imagine the atmosphere is so tense. In fact, Li Zhi was sitting smiling dragon book case after watching a secret fold, it was the King of Qi and Chu Li Xian on rural Hou Jiangzhe joint secret fold, is the most secretive handed to channels.
Zheng leisure, stone ?, Mr Tung Chi, pipe break, Gou inexpensive, as well as Qin Yi and Cheng Shu Li Zhi were summoned to the house, such a pattern in front of more people believe that there exists an emergency military is Qin Yi and Cheng special purpose special summoned by the time it was uneasy until that inside information was relieved. Fold down the secret
Li Zhi, joy authentic: “Six brother and I look really live with the cloud, and now into the North Han has volts, is a foregone conclusion, six brother danger, risking his own life, I mind is very comforting.”
stone ? laughed: “His Majesty the battle for the North Han POW long time, although it is subterfuge support Sun Bae generals generals, but three hundred thousand troops quietly rushed Zezhou, but His Majesty has thought of everything, and now finally the North Han main trapped, with the military forces of His Royal Highness the King of Qi means dragon fly that is in the court forces such as God can not break through, but also on behalf of the main army encircled the state, which is made on behalf of the future state is very beneficial. ”
Qin Yi frowned: “I have seen Lin Yuanting behalf of the state, this person and heroic, staunch loyalty, if you want to surrender the person is very difficult, but on behalf of the state boat Lim active in Lebanon, in behalf of the state’s prestige-flourishing , if the Lin Jian not surrender, I’m afraid to be embarrassed His Majesty. ”
GOU Lian said: “Although the letter country hall considered extremely Yeah, but on behalf of the state Illustrious Lim though, it is because of their age guard behalf of the state, against the very people for whom the guards Xiang Zi but the most important thing, so the original Although they are dissatisfied First Lord of the North Han independence, the last remains subdued, it is because they do not want to make enemies on both sides, just on behalf of state and Jinyang separated, until the break Jinyang, North Han subjugation, the Lin family will eventually succumb, perhaps They will resist the big Yong rule, but the court will not enemies. ”
Li Zhi nodded: “Even so, I hope the Lin family willing to pledge allegiance to big Yong, Lin Jiashi town behalf of the state, against the barbarians, credit outstanding, future big Yong-dominated world, need good will guard behalf of the state, but Fuji Lin candidate, the King of Qi Zhen Yi Chuan book, so he must keep Jia Pinggong main LIN Bi’s life, on behalf of the state for the military but also to landing

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October 30th, 2013

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